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Thursday, June 05, 2008

i've slogged for 3 days of my life
just to buy her 'twilight zone.'

i am in twilight zone.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

today's a gd day.


meoworks is finally on singaporebrides.com.sg

(yeah, i had to cough up a huge lump sum just for that. but i do hope in time to come it'll be worth it's while.)


been losing at mahjong for the past 2 months. (n we play weekly)

n it didnt help that ever since i did the '7 lian zhuang',
they put a cap on the max no of times a person can lian zhuang for (3 times)

surprisingly, today's game, they decided to lift the ban.

so guess who superduper lian her 2 month's worth of zhuangs? (lian too many times to keep count)



lastly, happy bday grace n peishan. :)


will post pictures up. (if im not too lazy.)


the parents are finally coming hm fr beijing.



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