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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

'This crazy husband, I want ... I want to kill him.'

That really does sum up their r/s.

Click on their picture to view their video.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

so from 25th to 27th april, we joined the 48 hrs film compeition. :)

there were certain criterias which we had to fulfill--

1) detective genre
2) olivia sparx - a cellphone salesman
3) line - 'i've always wanted to do that'
4) ang bao (that reminded me of my 357782 weddings)


it's been so long since we (neng n jodong) had a chance to work together again. (tsd days all over again)

this time round, we had judy with us too.

it was our first time working with judy and there were certain issues which we had to iron out. (had only realised during the compeition itself but that's not gonna deter us from joining another such com. actually, im quite looking forward to the next such.)


while the girls were out on their shoot, i went home to catch up with my zzz.

and when i returned....

flo: so, who's the murderer
everyone: dont know.


apparently they went on their shoot with a very loose script.

their script went something like this.

location: coffee shop, park, shopping center
props: ang bao, handphone
lines: 'i've always wanted to do that'


we did the best we cld under the circumstances.


personally, i had much fun editing it.
coz it was such a challenge

(no, i wasn't referring to the time limit.)


special thanks to aldrin, beat, charles, gerry, jodong, judy and neng.

without them, this wouldn't b possible. :)

the first 2 wks of may was madness.
(n i doubt i'll blog abt it. lazy lah)

the previous wkend was fun. -grin.

shot for colleen n darren
and they wanted me to include both the gate crashing and church ceremony into their express highlights.

(wah liew, it was like doing 2 express highlights lor.)

luckily for me, their dinner was held the next day.


met darren for the first time on his wedding day
and he was quite the talker/charmer
so it's not a wonder y colleen fell for him.

apparently it was colleen's friend who met him online
and when they decided to meet up, the friend brought colleen along

n i guess, the rest is history.
(of course, the friend was a lil pissed with colleen.)

so here's their express highlights

ps: his brother has a lovely voice
pps: don’t u think that his bro looks like a teenage mutant ninja turtle? (the red one)


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