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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

2nd Dec was a very important date for us.

Not only was it the first time we were shooting weddings without M's support, we had to organise 2 teams as there were 2 weddings that day.


So...after much careful planning,

, Beat and me headed to Regina and James' homes and were with them till their church ceremony which ended at 330pm.

Then Beat and I rushed down (thank my daddy for giving us a lift) to labrador park for Clara and Derek's ROM at 4pm.

And this was what we came out with ...


1st draft only.

will be meeting Clara and Derek tomorrow to get their approval of the footage and flow ive chosen.

let's hope i get to close this asap so that i may work on the other edits. :)


and after Clara and Derek's ROM, beat and I rushed back to Regina and James' wedding dinner which was held at Raffles Town Club. We had wanted to catch 's express highlights but we were late by 10 mins. DARN.

why didn't they start their dinner at the usual 8.30pm?
why did their guests come so early?
why did my cab take so long to come?


well, at least, i had managed to catch ExpressivelyJoho's photo slideshow which he put together during the afternoon.


his works are gradually going thru a change. from previously heavily photoshopped pictures to photos which focus on more on the human emotions.

(there were a couple of quirky ones which he didnt add into the photo slideshow though)

i need to get this off my chest.


eileen n i made the biggest mistake by not registering 1st Steps Weddings as a partnership with Mark, thus allowing him to be the default 'founder' which misled everyone into thinking that since he's the founder, he's the best in wedding videography amongst the 3 of us.


many of our recent clients got us based on our online portfolio.

we did put 2376842 videos there.

n out of which, every single fucking video, (cept for Lynette & Leslie, Zee & Aivee)
i had either shot or edited for.

in fact, the best wedding videos there were shot AND edited by me.


i meet the clients.
i pitch to them.
i (and Eileen) shoot for them.
i (and Eileen) edit for them.

i do fucking everything.

but in the end, does it really matter?

apparently it seems that the only thing that matters is ... WHO OWNED THE FUCKING COMPANY.


in the past 4 yrs that EC&P had done weddings,
i shot/edited for 80-85% of the wedding videos which EC&P produced.

(and I was only in EC&P in the last 2 yrs)


i dare to vouch.
that no one who is/had working/worked for EC&P can deliver the kind of wedding videos that i can at this point in time.



i mean, the man himself, can't even hold HIS OWN FUCKING CAMERA STEADY when the moment calls for it.


so i left.
i chose to set up my own wedding videography company. (but wasn't he the one who had been bugging me to set my own co up after working with him for a yr?)

yes. it's my fault.

but, pleasepleaseplease remember, I WAS A FUCKING FREELANCER with him.

and i did give him advance notice (a month) b4 my intended departure date.

but did he accept it?


he shut 1st Steps Weddings down the next day.

n so, out of bitterness/revenge/spite/vindictiveness/bitchiness, he chose to cut loose all 1st Steps Weddings couples. (wasn't he the one who taught me the importance of their one big day? that we must never do anything to screw that up?)

eil and i knew how it wld upset all the couple's plans so out of our own goodwill, we chose to deliver what 1st Steps Weddings had initially promised to do. but now, couples ain't trusting us after they had met up with him to collect their refunds.

ok. i accept that.
that's an obstacle we would bravely and successfully pull through.

But what about his corporate clients?
They were the clients who had sought him and not us out.
They had nothing to do with us.
They had a long lasting r/s with him.
But he is screwing them over.


'the 2 girls left me'


you're a grown man.
pick yourself up.

you never did cld stand those who wallow in self pity or do the whole 'poor me' shit.


u were someone i used to admire and respect so much.

i used to spend so much time just trying to chase your shadow.


so pls, do something abt yourself.

Regina and James - Our 1st challenge without a company backing us up.

Thank you.

For taking that leap of faith with us.

Regina (while talking to her sisters): Ya lor! Received Flo's email 10 mins after I had emailed her my schedule for the day. Thought she was replying to my previous email. Opened it up only to read .... ' 1st Steps Weddings had been closed down'. 3 DAYS BEFORE MY WEDDING! Then i hurriedly called James up and read the email to him ' If you have any queries, feel free to contact me at 9186 xxxx' and i immediately called Flo up with the other phone.



FU's first express highlights.

Shot by flo and brendon
Edited by eileen

FU = Freelancers United.

note: name meant to be tongue-in-cheek.

disclaimer: we don't belong to any company.

we're just a bunch of people who love getting together to have fun while we're shooting.


James is quite the perfect gentleman. But Regina saw him first. Oh wells.....


I would like to marry a non-local, non-chinese too.



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