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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Everything that u see here is new. (including the table and excluding the bed lah)

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That sums up 12 hours of shopping.
(even though that's not the kind of things i would really buy/be interested in)

Check out e pretty extensive list

1) DVX; batteries x 04
2) DV Tapes x 100
3) Firewire x 02
4) Tripod
5) Wireless TV
6) Walkie Talkies x 02
7) Ext HDD 750GB
8) Light Stand X 01
9) Portable DVD player
10) 50M XLR cable + converters
11) Blank DVD-Rs and CD-Rs


It's obvious that X'mas came early for me.
(Dont really dare to check what's left in the bank though)

Only left ....


300w light
CAMERA BAG!!!!!!!!!

-roars. Can't quite find one that's large enough.


Many thanks to Eileen and Brendon who answered my 236686532 questions while I was out with Dad and Beat.


Dont think I've left anything out.
If there is, leave a HOLLER.

Hi all,

1st Steps Weddings had been closed down (sadly and abruptly) due to certain irreconcilable differences between the management and operations team. Mark will be sending you a form to discharge 1st Steps from all responsibilities ie shooting/editing. He would also be refunding the deposit to you as we had yet to shoot for your day.

However, do not panic as this doesn't mean that everything's lost as the people who are running/shooting and editing for 1st Steps Weddings (Eileen and me) will seek to undertake all your shoots should you be agreeable to this arrangement. In order to expedite the process, do reply to Mark's discharge form and we'll make immediate arrangements to shoot for your day. We know how important the day will mean to you and are really sorry that things have to take such a regrettable turn. However do be ensured that there will be no loss in the quality of our work. :)

If you have any queries, feel free to contact me at 9186 xxxx or via sendflomail@gmail.com. Do hope to hear from you favourably.

Once again, we do apologise for any inconvenience (heart attacks and confusion) caused.

Flo + Eileen.


This will be our last post here.
But this doesnt mean that you'll see the last of us as we'll still be doing wedding videography :)

So, for more wedding escapades,

do click on and [info]chongeileen


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