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Friday, June 22, 2007

judy once said that with the stories i could tell, (though the stories i couldnt tell r by far the more interesting ones.)
i could write a play.

but writing a play is such a pain in the arse.


this is the easier alternative,


henceforth, all my videos would be posted there.

do join the community if u wanna watch/bitch about the vids. ;)


n for now, my latest 2 edits,

matt n yiwen (part 1)

matt n yiwen (part 2)

willy n vivian

do b patient with the uploading.


viddler's quality beats youtube's hands down.
but viddler's a little tempremental at times.


Sunday, June 17, 2007

overdued photos from an overdued holiday

spent half the time w/o my tee as the girls used it to
1) wipe emselves dry
2) lay it on the beach (forgot to bring beach towel)
3) shade emselves fr the sun

holiday = holiday = no D70 for flo


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