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Saturday, December 02, 2006

early xmas gift

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names, anyone?

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

F: 'once we get home, ill watch the rich bitch b4 dumping her then will go ahead to master S&M etcetcetcetc'
M: 'home?'
F: 'eer, office.'
M chuckles.

ya man, i spend far more time in the office than i do at hm.
in fact, i brush my teeth more often at his place than mine.

M suggested that i start bringing my clothes over.

cant wait to shift out, our own place.

10 secs to office.


J&J, edited within 2 wks.
all by myself.
i remb how gab n i took 2 mths for our very first wedding edit.

how long ago that seemed.
quite possibly a lifetime back.


wed --

new day.
new edit.
new intern.

guess who gets to teach the new girl?


thot of my 3/5/10 yr plan.
but then again, i was never gd at long term planning.


all i can think of now is.....

1) to shoot a 100 table dinner by yr end.
2) to expand n shift the company out by next yr end.
3) to b the best in wedding videography n start a videography training sch in 2 yrs time.
4) to date the pretty bridemaids.
5) to have the pretty bridemaids fall in love with me.
6) to runaway with the bride just b4 she walks down the aisle.

yup, guess that quite sums it all up.


it's the late night.
my mind's going bonkers.



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