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Thursday, October 12, 2006

flo: r u currently teaching in st nicks?
gerry: no. y?
flo: bring me along if u do ok?
gerry: u like the girls there ar?
flo: (rolls eyes) it's my old school.
gerry: oh.

n yes, i do like st nicks girls.


just found out that my 1st gf is married.
my ex classmate asked how i felt.
strangely, the only thought in my mind then was, 'i feel old.'

dont think ill ever quite settle down. :)


dad: where r u? tonight got tuition. at home. mom's kid.
flo: ya, i know.
dad: did u go for the one earlier this morn?
flo: yes.
dad: sorry, i had forgotten to wake u up.

n in that instant, i felt like a little girl all over again.

my dad used to b the one who wld always wake me up n send me to sch.
once, he got tired of doing so n i threatened to stop going sch.


he spoilt me.


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