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Saturday, September 23, 2006

doncha think they look alike?

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i mean, come on man, chk out their teeth.

biennale was really cool.

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me the bird, she the fish.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hi Budak frans !!

After a long break... We're pleased to inform you that one of the Budak
guys, Kah Keh will be singing at blue Moo on 29 September!

Reservation of seats for the evening started on 17 Sep. Pls refrain
from reserving more than 10 seats so as to allow more groups to come.

We will inform those who has successfully gotten seats via email. The
list of successful reservation will also be on our website for your
reference. As there'll be too many, we will not be able to inform the
unsuccessful cases. However, we will still place you on our waiting
and release last-minute cancelled seats to you. Even if you don't get a
seat, don't be shy in hanging around us.... you are more than welcome !

Cheers & see you around !


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