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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

guess what i found?



Wednesday, August 16

September fcuk WANTED.

-Speaks good English
-Passionate about life
-Height, around 160cm
(basically, not too tall and not too short.)
-Not too poor preferberly
-No past baggage
-Being pretty and have a interest in theater would be a bonous to candidates

Contact ME if you fall under the above criterias.

Dateline for applying to be a September fcuk: 20 of August.

Auditions might take place if there's a overwhelming response.

Terms and conditions apply.



thanx mav, for posting it up.
(u wld need to work on your spelling though.)

cher! what r u doing here?
? now tuition what! 7pm already!
u never sms me to tell me today got tuition leh!
who say never? u got check your hp or not?
but cher, u came yesterday .....


n then, i realised that i was at the wrong house.


bloody bodoh.


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