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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

where in the fuck can i get the p plate for my dad's car?

n even petrol kiosks dont sell them.

im seriously contemplating smashing a car just to steal those 2 plates.

Monday, May 22, 2006

mom accused boy of stealing both our cordless phones.

boy's parents came down.
boy swore on the bible that he didnt take the phones. (upon his parents' insistence)

mom found 1 of the phones on her bed. (she realised that the boy had stolen our hse keys n broken in while we were out.)

boy's mother terminated his tuition lessons.

boy confessed to taking the phones.


we had changed the locks on the door,
much to the unpleasant surprise of having squirt n i being locked out.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

bridal convoy = 6 BMWs.
(the drivers even had uniforms. the girl was oh-so-hawt.)

i cant wait to c the raw footages gerry shot with half his body out of the car's window.

but fuck sia.
19 @#$($^* tapes.
for a 2 day shoot.
if each tape is gonna take me an ave of 2.5 hrs to log n capture, i reckon i need 60hrs.

n that's excluding editing.



i seriously have no life.

for the past 2 mths,
the only reason y i wld go to town is coz ive a wedding to cover.



sorry, no pictures.
TOE had given up on me.

he's jealous.


i dont c y my squirt has to share the same name as dennis' dog.


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