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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

if i shave my head to raise awareness for children's cancer foundation,
how much (or what) would u guys pledge?


the big over easy -- jasper fforde

straw-into-gold defendant named.

the jury was shocked into wakefulness on the eighth day of the straw-into-gold trial by the dramatic naming of the defendant yesterday. the previously unnamed illegal gold-spinner had been making of a mockery of british justice by his insistence that the judge try to guess his name before he would agree to plea. after 7 days n 8632 guesses, the judge finally hit upon the correct name, whereupon rumpelstiltskin (this reporter can now faithfully record) flew into an inflamed passion, accused the judge of 'listening down chimmneys' n stamped his foot so hard it went through the floor. the perpetrator thus identified, the trial came to a speedy conclusion, and he was jailed for 20 yrs.

-- from The Gadfly, 30th april 1999.

piggy in roast beef shock

a piggy was caught eating roast beef yesterday in direct contravention of rules governing the use of animal-vased products being included in animal feed. the piggy, one of a litter of 5, was in isolation yesterday as officers from DEFRA tried to trace the other members of his family. a spokesman for the agency had this to say : 'fortunately for us, one of the little piggies stayed at home n another, when offered the roast beef, refused. a fourth went 'wee wee wee wee' all the way home and is now also in quarantine. we r still trying to trace the 1st little piggy who, it seems, went to market. until he is caught, we have instructed the withdrawal of all pork-related foodstuffs from shops and have decided to cull everything in sight, whether porcine or not, just to be sure

-- extract from The Gadfly, 9 march 2001


caught noriko's dinner table over the wkend.
oh boy, it was one hell of a fuckedup perverted film.

but i like :)

'lie openly
pursue emptiness'

biz idea : set up family rental.


i need a PDA.



(edit: i managed to logon after trying a couple of variations of my usual passwords.)

Monday, May 01, 2006

happy bday delia.

(i would have gone for your very 1st bday bash
but ur mom didnt invite me.
n neither would u b receiving my presents in the mail
as ur mom refused to give me your address.)


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