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Saturday, April 22, 2006

ive decided to rob my youngest bro.
he has between 20-30k in his bank account.

n he has yet to start working.

-checks out the pathetic $200 in my UOB.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

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Sunday, April 16, 2006


-Take Of Everything Studio
-Take Off Everything, Slut
-Take Over Emeharxxx Soon

n R's contribution?

-The Overly Egoistical Sicko.

if myanmar is yellow/orange,
china is white -- polluted white.

no clear bright skies so i wasnt v keen on photographing.
i spent most of my time on the vid cam.


one thing i dislike abt china is the --- chinese.


if u step into their shops, check out their stuffs n walk out without buying, they will ask u to eat shit.


one thing i dislike doing in china is --- going to the loo.

its not the poor condition of the loos that puts me off. its more of having to proclaim loudly to much disbelief that im a girl each time someone accuses me of stepping into the wrong toilet.

do i look like such a pervert?
seriously, i wld rather go to the gents since they rarely have a Q.
bloody hell.


my best buy?

silk duvet
+ cover

now i may sleep like a king.

-wraps myself up all warm n snug.

(this must b wat a silkworm feels.)


came back all sick n shit.

at last count, ive 7 ulcers in my mouth.




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