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Saturday, December 31, 2005

in order for me to go to myanmar, i need a burmese referee or guarantor.

(hello, lin)


lin's family is amazing.

we initially planned to take 12 hr bus rides to get us to each of our 4 destinations.

but her bro n cousin have generously planned to take time off to drive us ard. (-smiles. that means we now have the added luxury of bringing all our cam n video gear.)

her dad has started saving his petrol vouchers too.

in return, jl suggested we throw them a sushi party.

-looks at my stumpy paws.


however, mark warned that her family will get a shock seeing me.

either my hair grows longer, or i wear skirts, or i become more feminine in my mannerisms.

bah! who am i kidding?


while applying for my tourist visa, i was stumped by this particular qn.

8a) colour of hair --

there i was at the counter, trying to imagine what colour my hair'll b a mth later.


i gave up, i aint no psychic.


jl: u stand to benefit alot by going to myanmar with us.
flo: in what ways?
jl: can share toiletries
lin: accomodation
jl: fd
lin: transport
flo: (grin) n girlfriend
jl: u want me or lin?
flo: both.


25th's their anniversary.

so we'll b flying out on their day n coming back on mine
the 7th.

Monday, December 26, 2005

what i did for xmas

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'ima cat'


traded in my faulty 7610.
the shopkeeper scrutinised it carefully.
while my friends kept their fingers crossed.
it decided to behave, thankfully.
n i got $320 for it.
(im such a cheat. but ive dishonest friends too.)

hello, k750i.


n jl is a bloody delirious monopoly player.


sofas can only comfortably fit one non-coughing sleeping partner.

'i hate u'
'i hate u so much'


i had never liked xmas anyway.

it's quite possibly the worst time of the yr.



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