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Saturday, December 24, 2005

pple r motivated by fear.



n have a merry hohoho. :)

woke up at 7am.
checked my hp.

n it made my day.



i had never seen an empty bus pulling out of an interchange.
so i flagged 59 n boarded it.
kind of regretted my decision as the driver had horrible braking skills.
(even i, having had only 2 driving lessons cld brake more smoothly than him.)
passed ah por's place n headed towards eunos.
it stopped at the same stops
n jammed at the same places.


my name is NOT lynette.
remember that now.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

fraidy is now complete.



n i sincerely believe that 'doit' means 'fuck'


look at me
my depth perception must b off again
cause this hurts deeper than i thought it did
it has not healed with time

-rest in pieces

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

22nd Nov -- Cameron Highlands

'cup of tea?'

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

people need journals.
people need journals because the mind is too dangerous a thing to leave unchecked.


i kept one while i was in msia.

flo: look at that strange girl in that strange coat.
jl: no strange girl?
flo: no!
jl: even if shes not str8?
flo: how do u know shes not str8?
jl: she tried to make eye contact w u.

2 seconds passed.

jo: did u c the 2 men? they r gay.
flo: how u know?
jl: they were trying to catch ur eye.

another 2 seconds passed.

jl: pple who r str8, will stare at u n look away uncomfortably. pple who r not, will try to make eye contact with u.

2 seconds later

jl: u of all pple should b able to spot gays n lesbians. u of all pple shld find it easiest to do so.

jl proceeds to mock strangle me.


its obvious,
ive no gaydar.

-resigned to fate.

or maybe i simply dislike making eye contact.


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