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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Dear Miss Wai Peng Ng
This is an email confirmation of your internet booking. Your travel
itinerary and details are listed below.

Booking Reference : XXX

Passenger List : Miss Wai Peng Ng
Miss Lin Lei Lei Tun
Miss Zhihui Lin

Ticket Information : eTicket. Please note that you are required to
the credit card used for this purchase at check-In.

Flight(s) Selected

From To
Changi Intl(SIN) Yangon Intl(RGN)

25 Jan 2006 25 Jan 2006
02:50 pm, Wed 04:10 pm, Wed

Yangon Intl(RGN) Changi Intl(SIN)

7 Feb 2006 7 Feb 2006
05:00 pm, Tue 09:20 pm, Tue


n now, to tell my parents that im going on a hol during CNY.

as always, book 1st, tell later.

Monday, December 05, 2005

17th Nov

'how to go to sungei wang from here?'
'no batu caves today?'
'nope. just shopping.'

apparently the bus conductors remembered me.

the day b4, i took #43 to templer park.
fell asleep n missed my stop.
had to take another #43 from the opposite direction.
went to templer park.
promptly got lost.
backtracked n proceeded with the steep climb to the waterfalls.
(im seriously unfit. -pants)
left templer park.
boarded the 1st #43 i sat, recognised the driver
changed to bus #11 to batu caves.
sat in the wrong direction.
bus driver parked his bus directly in front of the #11 which was coming from the opp direction n made sure i got onto it.

see, i told u, i could navigate the public transport system in KL.
no problem, at all.


21st Nov

trust flo to go to cameron highlands in her t shirt n berms.

had steamboat, by myself.
warm n delicious.


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