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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Thursday, February 03, 2005

here's a thought, if u were willing to listen, i will only tell the truth ........


the top secret-truth about captain underpants by george beard n harold hutchins (who deny everything)

Once upon A Time There were 2 cool Kids named George and Harold.
They made Their own comics About A Super Hero named CAPTAin UNderpanTs. (tra la laaa)
Everybody Thought Thier comics were Funny.
EXSEPT FOR Thier Mean old Principel, Mr. KRUPP.
One Time, Mr. KRUPP was being mean To George and Harold.
So They Bought The 3-D Hyno-Ring.
They hipnotized Mr. KrupP
Then They Turned him into CAPTAin UNderpanTs.
But Mr. KRUPP Thought He reALLy WAS CAPTAin UNderpanTs. He jumped out The Window to Fight crime.
George and Harold Tried to sTop him, but They had to SAVE The World FirsT.
When They got back to SchooL, George PoRed Water on CAPTAin UNderpanTses Head.
He Turned back into MR. KRUPP. But someThing was wrong.
Because NOW (For some Strange Reason) every Time MR.KRUPP Hears somebody Snap There fingers ...
... He Turns Back into CAPTAin UNderpanTs!
So whatever u do, Please Don't snap your Fingers Around MR.KRUPP.
PLeAse PLeAse PLeAse!!! Don't SNAP Those Fingers!



This is George Beard and Harold Hutchins. George is the kid on the left with the tie and the flat-top. Harold is the one on the right with the T-shirt and the bad haircut.
remember that now.

Depending on who u asked, u'd probably hear alot of different things about George and Harold.

Their teacher, Ms. Ribble, might say that George and Harold were distruptive and behaviorally challenged.

Their gym teacher, Mr. Meaner, might add that they were in serious need of a major attitude adjustment.

Their principal, Mr. Krupp, would probably have a few more choice words to include, like sneaky, and criminally mischievous, and 'I'll get those boys if it's the last thing I.... ' Well, u get the idea.

But if u asked their parents, they'd probably tell u that George and Harold were smart and sweet, and very good hearted ... even if they were a bit silly at times.

I'd have to agree with their parents.

But even so, their silliness did get them into a lot of trouble, sometimes. In fact, it once got them into so much trouble, they accidentally almost destroyed the whole planet with an army of evil, vicious talking toilets!

But before i can tell u that story, i have to tell u this story....


can u hear me now? listen.

CAPTAin UNderpanTs can b found in all gd bkstores.
ie popular, mph, times, borders n kino.

so, grab your copy today!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

even b4 ive bought my v 1st flashlight, ive decided on another pair of lens.


i know its gimmicky, but i just cant help it.

imagine, being able to achieve all those effects effortlessly w/o using photoshop. :) *whistles
(since jo is really adverse to photoshopping, she might consider getting me a pair. )

Sunday, January 30, 2005

i've been abused --

jo swung her arm backwards n her elbow connected with my lower jaw -- hard.

so now, the linings of my cheeks have small little teeth marks. (how cute)


i ran out of cow's fd so i texted my dad to get some while he went out to buy dinner.
when i got into the car, i asked if he remembered abt the canned fd, he said no.
(*mutters. daddy hates cow. he never misses a opportunity to convince me to give cow away.)
later, i got out of the car n took our dinner from the boot -- n i found 2 yellow cans of cat fd.

(*smiles. daddy doesnt hate cow all that much, i guess. even though he threatens to throw cow out every so often.)


is it another lonely sunday evening for flo?

oh no, def not!

*squeezes a date with mr mono from www.games.com

(he's so handsome. in a suit n top hat n all.)


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