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Saturday, January 01, 2005

happy new yr.


the race was FUCKED UP.
F U C K E D.

38 checkpoints in 24 hrs (from 30/12 - 10pm to 31/12 - 10pm)
if there's any team, who can complete the 38 checkpoints in the stipulated time,
ill swap underwear with the person opposite me, moon, bend over to b spanked, frenchkiss the one on my right, suck another's toes, b tickled simultaneously by everyone n complete 100 situps.

(im sorry that i was spoilt last night.)


from choa chu kang,
we went sent to jurong hill,
then we had to head back to CCK (again),
only to b sent out to lim chu kang
b4 we realised we had to return to CCK (again).
from king albert's park,
we had to retrace our steps back to CKK (again).

i guess by now, u guys wld have gotten the gist of our routes.

wat's the pt of travelling when each clue brings u back to ur starting point?

simply frustrating to hitch a 30min ride only to hitch another one back.

there was no way in which we cld skip a checkpoint as clues for the next would only be revealed when we have completed the given task at the present.

enough was enough.

it was fun till 11am.
by that time, we had been racing for the past 13 hours.


trekkings in the jungles were all done in the middle of the night, between 12 to 4am.

our first trek took us 2 hrs all thanx to the vague instructions n a misleading detour. at one pt in time, we were the only team in sight n 4 a couple of moments, it was easy to believe that any moment now, i wld b pounced upon by some unidentified human being(?) from the bushes surrounding us.
not funny.

our 2nd trek took us another 1hr 45 mins to get from one end to the other, only to find out that we were merely 200m from the entrance. )(*&^%$#$%^&*(*&^%$. there was a particular stretch which was muddy. n smelly. oh, so smelly, just like drain water overflowing with a mth's old garbage. so for the next 20 hrs, i had waterlogged shoes.
not funny.



was forced to grab a jumping frog by its belly.

the slime.
the warts.
the soft flabby belly.
the kicking legs.
the constant ribbit ribbit.



was forced to drink down 10 raw eggs, well beaten to form a homogenous mixture.

1st mouthful -- yum, just like half boiled egg.
2nd mouthful -- too much of a gd thing is never gd.
3rd mouthful -- gag reflex setting in.

(neng sneakily went to pour half away when the guardian werent looking.)

4th mouthful -- ive quite enough, thank u. (passes my round.)
5th mouthful -- (gags. passes my round.)

(madhavi n i painstakingly cooked the mixture over wet coals.)

6th mouthful -- pass me the salt n pepper.


i think, in 24 hrs, ive hitched more than 20 rides.

taxis- 10.
cars - 4.
lorries - 6.

its amazing how many wld stop for u/turn u down in the middle of the night, after explaining that u have to get from there to point B with no cash.


teams were considered to b disqualified from the race if they were unable to complete any checkpoints.

all teams were unranked by 10am, merely 12 hrs after the starting of the race.


last yr,
the race lasted for 3D2Ns,
less than half of the teams pulled out.

this yr,
the race lasted for a short 24 hrs,
75% of the teams had pulled out by the 22nd hr.


all i wanted, was to complete the race, even if we had to do so unranked.
i never wanted to win.

it was only at 2pm when futility set in, when i realised that we had yet to even clear half the checkpoints.
i lost all motivation henceforth.


utterly demoralising.
i had let the race get to me.

not an entirely ideal way of ending the yr.


ps: next yr, ill considering racing again.

if only, the organisers had made sure that the race was humanely possible to complete.

Dear guests

Below is an email from Michael of Budak Pantai.

Budak and Bluemoo would like to dedicate our upcoming event to raise funds for the victims of the recent catastrophe in our region, such that all proceeds of the evening will be donated. We hope you will join us in our efforts to offer some humanitarian assistance to those in need.

Here's some basic details for your consideration:

Date : 7 January 2005 (Friday)
Time : 7.30pm onwards
Venue : YMCA Orchard, Auditorium on the ground floor
Entrance Fee : $25.00 for adults; $10.00 for students
(every entry comes with 2 drinks or 1 drink & a snack)
Reservation for seats can be made via email at this email address: writeus@bluemoo.com.sg

Format : Free seating
* those failing to secure reservation but do not mind not having seats, please join us.

Methods of fund raising : all proceeds will be donated also will set up points on site to collect donation from guests if they wish to give

Target to host 300 guests

* for those who has secured seats by now, please reconsider base on this new arrangement, and let me know if you would like to keep your reservation or not. Thank you.

Thank you for your support all this while. Hope to hear from you soon.


Michael Loh wrote:

Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2004 14:23:34 +0800 (CST)
From: Michael Loh
Subject: A special request from Budak Pantai
To: writeus@bluemoo.com.sg

Dear Friends and Fans,

No doubt the recent events have struck a chord with all of you.

For our show on Jan 7, we would like to raise funds for the victims and their families. We would be charing $25 per adult and $10 per student to this aim.

Danny and blue Moo would then direct all proceeds to the necessary organisations to distribute as necessary.

Please visit the site www.bluemoo.com.sg for more details.


Budak Pantai

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

hey guys,

We found out that the Sri Lankan Ambassy is collecting funds as well as goods for relief. They are looking for the following items. They are collecting from 9am- 5pm, i've also given their address below. If you guys want, we can do this together or you guys can do it as or when you're able.

1. Living supplies
=> tents
=> ground sheets
=> blankets
=> clothing (they have received a sizeable donation already, but more is always welcome)

2. Medical supplies
=> paracetamol
=> water purification tablets
=> first aid supplies etc

3. Food
=> dry items:
canned food, rice, rice flour, wheat flour, etc.

# 13- 07/ 12
Goldhill Plaza
51 Newton Road

625 44 595/67

Thanks everyone!


note: madhavi was the leader for my expedition to india. the seaside town, kanyakumari, which we helped out previously, was apparently affected by the waves. however madhavi was unable to contact father felix so we aint sure what sort of assistance they wld like. so for now, this is the only way.


goldhill plaza, a circular building, is located opp novena mrt.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

we meant to take the xmas lights along orchard road.

but we got sidetracked when a construction worker beckoned us in

and we played with his mini monopoly while we tasted his banana crepes.

in all, we had a wonderful evening.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

n so, all of us young singaporean girls r dying to have sex with an angmoh.


Sexual relationships in Singapore

If you are traveling to Singapore, you may be interested in sexual relationships with locals, and no, I do not mean the services of prostitutes or other commercial providers.

While you can meet Singaporeans interested in sex accidentally, the chances of success are not particularly high if you are there only for a limited period of time.

On the other hand, Singaporeans often are sexually attracted to foreign people. For young Singaporean women, it is chic to have a Western boyfriend.

So, there must be a trick to overcome the time-consuming "accidental", and to link more effectively the sexual interests of foreign visitors with those of locals.

Try the Internet. Or, more to the point: try www.AdultfriendsFinder.com. The service lists some 25,000 Singapore residents explicitly interested in non-commercial sexual relationships. While there are more males on the search than females, there are indeed an amazing number of women using the service.

So, if you don't want to exclude the possibility of a sexual relationship with a Singaporean housewife or a bi-sexual college student, you may want to check the Singapore listings at www.AdultfriendsFinder.com. It's free to browse the database.


*opens an account on www.adultfriendsfinder.com for jo.

jo, a 17 yr old student, currently looking for a fling with a well-endowned english white male who brings expensive gifts each time he comes down to singapore.

on this day, my frenz wld wake up super early at 4am, or rather, they dont sleep the whole night, bundle themselves up in their warmest clothes, head down to the city n stand outside their fave stores.

only coz all shops, including the likes of gucci, prada n lv r having a major sale with at least 50% off.


boxing day, let the real shopping begin.


n as we all know,
i hate crowds.
so i never did join them in the Qs.

merry xmas.

half of the smses ive gotten r mass messages.
if ure gonna b so impersonal, pls dont send it to me.

half of the smses ive gotten r from strangers.


did ushering for wild rice's aladdin.
coz i was too cheapo to fork out 35/45/55 for a tix.

there was nothing wrong with the directing.
there was nothing wrong with the lights.
there was nothing wrong with the sound.
there was nothing wrong with the set.
there was nothing majorly wrong with the acting.

however, i didnt like the show.
for the first time in my life, im unable to pinpoint wat went wrong in the show.
i think im losing my touch.
jo thought that the piece wasnt engaging enough.

maybe pantomimes aint really my cup of tea.
one cinderelah! n one aladdin,
i guesss ive enough fairy tales for now.


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