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Saturday, December 18, 2004

'kid is my name
briefing is my game.'

wtf? kid me not, but that was the first slide.


400 bodies
280 miles
24 hours
8 feet
4 brains
1 mighty minds
0.5 ton humour

last race of 2004
r u up to it?

the 'mazing spore race 2004.


Teams of 4 people (at least one of opposite gender) will race around Singapore, solving mystery tests and making tactical choices to get around to the various checkpoints. A race where strategies and decision-making are absolutely crucial...


some grps have really innovative names, i'd say.

repetitive words;

doink doink
up up
mola mola

or movie-inspired ones;

charlie and angels
ocean 4
jedi knights
the incredibles
ncredibles (yes, there were 3 grps fighting to b called 'incredibles')

or names showing the no of pple in a team. (all teams must have 4 members.)

jackson malu 4
the 4 idles
four funz
the delta 4
amigos 4
fab 4
rav 4
mighty 4
fantastic 4
ocean 4

how original. considering that there's only 130 teams.

mine's red herring.
only coz i love red n fish is gd for health. (wat bs)


introducing, the 2 teamless mates .....

Gan Heng Hui,F27, -- Want to join a team. Completed Army Half Marathon, Nike Real Run and 2 biathlons this year.

Clayton, M24 -- Want to join a team. Finish my 3 mini-biathon, AHM, Marathon this yr.

the participants r really serious abt it.


blatantly eavesdropping on the family seated behind me.

dad: (to son 1) u r the most irresponsible person. told u to bring this, this n this n u didnt! we might have been put at a disadvantage if i hadn't chk.

son 1 looks away.

dad: (to son 2) did u go to the stadium today to pace yourself?

son 2: no

dad: y no? y cant u make time?


kid: can all of those who had participated in 2003's race, pls raise ur hands up?

(30-40 hands shot up.)

dad: wah, so many. basket!


some participants r far too serious.

relac-ah! (oops, team's name.)
dont kao bey kao bull (team name,again)
this is just for fun. (one more.)
no need to b like those who go for it , (n then some)
race to the box (yesyes, we have quite enough now.)
n then dash n crash (last one! last one! i promise u.)

oooohhh, i think im damm funny.
*holds tummy n bends double with laughter.
*huffs n puffs. (*laughs, last one. i cldnt resist.)

Wednesday, December 15, 2004


*laughs n runs away


okokok, im sorry. i know i shldnt have laughed. but i cldnt help it.

natural body response.


-flashback to the hysterical screaming and distraught foaming of words from 1145pm to 12mn n the silent tears that followed afterwards.


xmas wishlist --

1)a lizard-free house, or better yet, a lizard-free environment for the little bub of mine.


-scribbles diligently on tiffany's card.

Sunday, December 12, 2004



it was my fren's (kei) wedding dinner last night.
n boy, it felt so gd, meeting up with my sec 4 classmates,
15 of us n 1 big table.

we had the usual round of questions;
wat r u working as? (luckily no one was in the insurance/mlm line)
for which company?
happy in ur current job?
seeing anyone? (pics pls)
if not, wat type of guys/girls r u looking out for?

give or take another 5 more yrs n we will b asking who had gone for an abortion.


the view from the 52nd floor was magnificant.
cld have kicked myself for not bringing my cam along.

so im sorry but there r no pics for u guys.


n yes, the bride looked radiant n at peace with the whole world.

guess thats all that really matters.


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