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Thursday, December 09, 2004

finally, i took my little gucci gangster home, though he cant quite seem to recongise me anymore.


Guinea pigs practice coprophagy, which is a fancy way of saying that they regularly eat their own droppings. It is important to know that this behavior is completely normal for cavies; in fact, it is an essential source of protein for them. Do not assume that, because they eat their own droppings, the animals are ill or unclean; they do not eat the dry droppings from the floor of the cage, but rather pull moist ones directly from the anus (though they may occasionally drop these on the floor of the cage, then nibble on them before they dry out).

flo: ok. this is sick

and u're still eating ur pie?
and have u ever caught ur gp in action?

flo: eating its shit? thankfully, not yet.
but then, hes all black
so how can i tell if he's eating his shit?



Wednesday, December 08, 2004

ive the most annoying bathroom habit.
just when i know im abt to finish my bottle of shampoo/conditioner/liquid soap, ill b v reluctant to squeeze the last few droplets out.
n coz ive not emptied the bottles, i cant throw them away.

so now, adding on to the 2 unfinished bottles of conditioners n facial washes, i have a half-tube of toothpaste n a bottle of moisturiser.

my bathroom's really cluttered.


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