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Friday, November 19, 2004

one hellava mess

one cow,
one chicken,
n now, o' fish.
all that's left is duck.

everybody, say hi to geraldine gwendolyn gomu the gerbil. (otherwise known as o' fish)

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

lunch -- 4d (part 2)

mom: over the wkend, i kept asking ur daddy over n over again if he had bought 4d. he repeatedly said yes.

flo: n then?

mom: i asked him many times if he bought.

alvin: precisely. u asked him if he bought, u didnt ask him wat nos did he buy.

flo: yeah, so y r u so angry with him? if u asked him wat no was he planning to buy, im sure he wld tell u.

mom: but i did ask him if he bought.

flo: but u didnt ask him for the nos. moreover if he did tell u, u might not even buy the no.

mom: i will. i def will. 8488, the no is so nice. i made my parents n bros buy 5226 only. daddy knew that i got them to buy 5226.

alvin: daddy bought 48 bucks worth of 4d. n 8488 wasnt the only no he bought.

flo: ya, in fact, bulk of his money was placed on 5226. he only put $4 for 8488, doesnt that imply that he didnt think 8488 will stand a great chance?

alvin: n 8488 is just starter, not even the top 3.

mom: shutup, u 2, just shut up.


case closed.
matter dropped.


whoever's playing 4d in my family had better explicitly share his nos, 'hey MOM! im gonna buy 0711 today, do u want to buy too?', unless he's willing to keep mum abt his winnings.


so thruout the whole 2 hr dinner, my mom bitched abt my dad n his family. she even dragged up past incidents which were more than 18 yrs old.

so small, so small.
y cant she learn to let go n b the bigger person here?


anyway, my dad doesnt know the grudge my mom bore against him for winning the 4d. so he's still a happy lil boy.

seriously, im not seen him so happy for such a long time.


i think i need more happy photos.


one yr's a mighty long time to b stuck in spore.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

thur, my dad went car viewing n found the car of his choice. (lowest asking price for the particular make n model he was interested in.)

sat, keys were exchanged.

sun, he bought 4d.

mon, he came into my room.
dad: i struck 4d leh. 500 bucks.
flo: really? u bought 2 bucks only?
dad: ya. i bought the old license plate no.
flo: 8488?


dad: (awed. baffled.wonderstruck) how do u know?
flo: i know bcoz i know.
dad: did mommy tell u?
flo: (laughs) of coz not, im smart.

dad left the room feeling that he has the smartest daughter in the world.

note: there was a switch in registration plate no when we bought over the 2nd hand car. i had accidentally found out abt the old no when i went thru the car maintainence record bk this morn. the license plate no of our car now currently reads 5226.

i wished i had seen the bk on sun morn. so i wld have the time to run out n place my bets. *mutters. i chanced upon it one day too late. *bah! i have no such luck in such things.


to think that my dad only came up with 1k from his own pocket. (my mom came up with the rest.)

my dad shld have doubled the amt of his bet.

no, in fact, he shld have placed 1k.

(as u can c, im getting greedier n greedier here. im insatiable.)

Monday, November 15, 2004

pretty soon, ill b sitting hunched over my lappy on a mon afternoon, in a daze, having just woken up from a deep deep sleep on my bed shared with old newspapers n empty pokka green tea bottles... with nothing to look forward to.

that's my life.

jo: u want to talk?
flo: no.
jo: ok then,

(a pause)

flo: (whines) ure ignoring meeeeeee.


n then the whole process repeats itself every so often.


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