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Friday, November 05, 2004


Thursday, November 04, 2004

u had better get an A for lit or else....


The Associated Press reported in March 1996 that Merrimack, NH schools had pulled Shakespeare's Twelfth Night from the curriculum after the school board passed a "prohibition of alternative lifestyle instruction" act.

The Savannah Morning News reported in November 1999 that a teacher at the Windsor Forest High School required seniors to obtain permission slips before they could read Hamlet, Macbeth, or King Lear. The teacher's school board had pulled the books from class reading lists, citing "adult language" and references to sex and violence.

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speed driven thrills,
yards of dream flesh blurring into orgasm.
ribbons of sex.
wet dreams.
visions of loveliness.

Sunday, October 31, 2004


guess who's back?

first name: pretty
last name : spooky

29th sept

Hi all...

haf already managed to contact some of u. anyway, my wedding dinner is on the 11th of december, saturday at The China Club at Capitol Towers.

pls tell me if u can make it...if u can, email me ur mailing address ok? so i can send the invitation card...it's not ready yet but i wanna at least compile guest list... anyway, for those coming, the theme is "shanghai nite". there'll be prizes 4 best dressed.....my family's busy shopping 4 clothes...just in case u all r so 'on', wanna buy clothes too...

ok...pls jot down in ur organiser...hope can c u all there...btw, not inviting the whole class, well, almost...so dun go spread the word ard....v pai seh one.

oso, do me a favour...if u see tt some of these email add r not updated, can gif me the updated ones? thx a lot...



13th oct.

Just a thought i shared with Jane just that day... shall we all wear cheongsams to Kei's wedding?? It's for a celebration! First girl in class to get hitched... wow. It's still so unbelievable.
So shall we do that? Does anyone know of where to do up cheongsams? What do you all think?
Congrats again Kei! :)



Hi hi...

wow wow wow! it'll be a feast 4 the eyes man if u all turn up in cheong sam. yeah...finally can c all of u all dress up. so exciting! i'm like more excited 2 see how u all wld look like tt day....

anyway, u can get cheongsams at YUE HWA at chinatown. those r the more 'trad'l' ones but the cheapest of the lot. otherwise, taka's chomel 'madame butterfly' has beautiful, more modern looking cheongsams....more ex lah! one shop in Marina Sq oso sells them...less variety n all long ones i think...

having said tt, it's not a 'must' to wear cheongsams lah...of cos unless u want to n it's w/in ur means...other ways 2 be 'shanghai'? my female cousin wants 2 shave her head bald, wear a chinese collar men suit n a scarf... another tot of bringing a bird cage... haha....so cool.....'

anyway, it's once in a lifetime so i hope it can be fun n special...tt's y do all these lor! looking 4ward to c u all soon.... so jane, when r we meeting?



17th oct.

hi girls!!!how's everyone eh?i've been receiving emails in regards to kei's wedding, and now this gathering, and it pisses me so much that i am still stuck in melbourne, after 5 long years.... but no worries! i will be done (alas!) at the end of this year, and i'll be heading back to spore mid dec 2004. can we all have a gathering then again? haven't seen most of you in a long time and it will be nice if we can catch up. till then, have fun at the gathering and kei's wedding!

love, suting!


hi hi...

suting...nvm lah...we'll def. meet up after tt. anyway, most of u here rsvp liao lah...there's still a bunch of others whom i can't seem to reach...

anyway, pple coming:

5.wei wei
not bad ar? need ur help now. anybody has contacts of these pple? phone numbers or email adds will do...


thanx a bunch! :)


24th oct.

Called a few of you who are interested in getting cheongsams...
me went chinatown yesterday to search for cheongsam and went to this shop which has (in my opinion) some ok cheongsams for about $75 (originally $98 but after bargaining, became $75) and if some of us buy together then we can get even more discount lah.
Anyway, to ride on this very cheena spirit.... the gathering details are at follows
Date: SUNDAY 31 Oct 2004
Place: Chinatown MRT station, Pagoda St exit
Time: 2.30pm
Cusine: Chinese Dim Sum
Budget: $100 (for food and cheongsam), if not just $1 for chinese tea...
Progamme: Food then shopping (so those who are not interested in chengsam etc can leave first)
btw, i think dividing out the bill will be abit of a headache so just bear with it on that day k. As XZ told me, we have not had yum cha together before, think it will be quite fun. WH, can i nominate you to be in charge of the bills?okie, everyone, please RSVP to me at 9xxxxx by Wednesday yah...tata



n that's lazy blogging for u.


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