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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Scarlett Thomas -- Going Out.

'ure still weird,' david says.

'how though?' she asks.

'well, all that lot at The Edge seem so retarded. u seem different but i cant work out y that wld be.' he looks at her again. 'ure not a student. only students n retards work at The Edge, or so i thot. n u arent either of those, n u dont seem to want to leave The Edge n do anything else. y is that?'

julie smiles. 'maybe im weird,' she says.

david frowns. 'huh?'

'isnt that reason enough?'

'not really. n ure not looking for another job or waiting to go to college or anything?'


'for fuck's sake, julie. y? do u like it or something?'

she shrugs. 'yeah, kind of. i dont know. its simple, u know. i go there n its not like its a real effort or anything, bcoz its pretty close to where i live, n when i get there i can do a gd job w/o it being too demanding. i like the customers n the other pple that work there, n it doesnt, u know, take over my life or anything. when i get home i can go n chat on the internet, or c my frenz, or listen to music n its not like im having to prepare a report for a scary boss or worry abt having to go abroad for a meeting or watever. life shld b a lot simpler than pple make it.' she fiddles with her straw ome more. 'pple sometimes forget that work is just something u do to get money. its not ur life. if u spend ur life working or getting qualifications to work, or just stressing abt it generally, u totally waste it.'

'really? is that wat u think?'

'life isnt a videogame, is it? its not abt how many points u can get or how many possessions u can collect, or how many levels u can complete b4 u die. life's this real thing that everyone wastes n ...'

'ure not wasting urs by working at The Edge?'

'no, im not. it gives me time i use for other stuff.'

julie can feel that her face is going red. she didnt mean to say all this.



i'd love to b a julie.

if i can ignore pple calling me a useless, aimless, gd-for-nothing bummer.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

one cat, one dog.
one black, one white.
one snarls, the other growls.

for now, both r kept seperated till they learn how to b friendly, n may i even dare hope, loving, towards each other.

let's welcome chicken to the family.


cow n chicken.
chicken n cow.


the previous owner didnt know the breed of his dog, but he remembers how much he paid for it.

i guess, that says alot.


i can already c that chicken demands alot of attention.
yelps n yelps non stop.

y r we even keeping a dog when we dont have the time to bring it out for walks?


for cow's n my selfish sake, we should return the dog.


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