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Friday, September 24, 2004

letting the cat out of the blog

Thursday, September 23, 2004

been driven ard quite a bit last wk n was surprised (n irritated) by the optional safety features in cars.

take for eg, fel's car.
if the passenger in the passenger seat doesnt buckle up, the car will start beeping.

(omg! i hate wearing seat belts but it was def better to tahan being strapped in than the incessant beeping.)

n shey's car? her dad had installed an alarm that should anyone close the door a lil too hard, the alarm will b set off.
twice, the alarm went off while we were in the car n we, the 3 iderts, were searching all over for an inconspicuous button to turn it off.

slight inconveniences to pay for one's safety?

helen had a girlfriend whose dad bought her a bmw fitted with bullet proof windows n a bunch of them went racing into a carcrash. the doors were jammed, due to some safety mechanism, n no matter how hard the boys tried to smash the windows open with crowbars, the windows didnt even sustain a single scratch though the crowbars ended up being bent. in the end, they could only stand on the outside n waited n watched the fire consume the car n its passengers.


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