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Friday, September 17, 2004

'dude, where's my country' by michael moore is as smashing as the movie, 'dude, where's my car'.

-atrocious eng.
-one lousy halfbaked theory after another. (or gags in the case of 'dude, where's my car')
-desperate attempt at comedy.

michael moore's bk cover of 2 seperate cut out pics of him n george w. bush with their fist raised against each other, unknowingly, gives him away.

moore is infamous for his selective retelling of well researched facts; when he's unable to use the facts wholesale, he wld extract a portion of it n combine it with another source to make them work to his desired effect. all these cutting n pasting. *bah.


moore commented that bush supporters r gullible n he despised them, but i wonder, if he had realised, that the pple championing for him r just as gullible, buying totally into his conspiracies, his half truths. or maybe, moore did realise n was simply using them, then i guess, he is no better than who he meant to tear down n rip apart.


i swear, Indepedent, called michael moore 'a comic genius' only cause they had a great time laughing at him.


n San Francisco Chronicle's 'the angrier moore gets, the funnier he gets. sensational.'?
how true. how true.

just like how the angrier an ah beng gets, the funnier he is, cursing n swearing n making weak swipes at the air with his tiny penknife.


just a note, in case u all think im a moore basher,
i d0 love his previous documentary - bowling for columbine.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

shey: no money? no problem. no car? no problem. no job? no problem. (laughs hysterically) no money? no car? no job? that is so florence. let me buy this tee for her.

flo: (stares at the poor quality t-shirt) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (drags shey away from the shop by propelling her forward)


after dinner, there wasnt much to do so we did a little catching up, only to find out that ha had been happily attached for the past 2 mths.

shey: y never tell us earlier?
ha: eer...
fel: wat's his name?
ha: dennis.
shey: how did u guys meet?
ha: collegemates.
fel: when did u have feelings for each other?
ha: since dec.
flo: male or female?
(stunned silence b4 laughter erupted)
flo: omg. omg. i really meant to ask 'malay or chi'.

wtf was i thinking man? it sure wasnt a freudian slip.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004


i think i kind of overate the last few days such that my flabby arms were unable to lift TOE up for any pics.


u know ur room gets insufficient sunlight when ur solar powered mr flappy flips on u.
(n 2 think that just last night, u told me that mr flip flap wld never die on me. oh, the bs.)


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