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Friday, August 27, 2004

relax relax relax.


cramp cramp cramp.

*guts my insides n throws them into the alleyway.


i dont mind getting my period.
but i do mind getting cramps.
(hate being rendered useless n helpess)

*mumbles n stumbles off.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

its been 2 mths since ive came back from india
n ive been losing my tan while gaining wt.

maybe its the wt gain combined w the lack of exercising thats making me so lethargic.
how long more must i wait b4 i can reach the comatose state?

*goes off for lunch

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

the dreamers : oh, i wld so love to fuck u, my beloved bro, who sleeps naked curled up beside me each night.

young adam: wham! bam! thank u mam! imagine a 2 hr movie with more than 10 uncut sex scenes w various women..... if only young is synonymous with amorous.

found these movies in my bro's room.
i swear, i wasnt the one who chose them.


fren's sis, aged 14, got sick of home
n ran away
to melbourne.

'c lah! who ask u to give so much money to ur sis such that shes able to afford an airplane tic?'
'didnt! she redeemed her air miles so my mom's gonna sue SQ for allowing an underaged ger book/board their plane.'

Sunday, August 22, 2004

sun, 6pm

finally, my wkend is over.
everyone looks forward to the wkend,
but not me.


1000-1130 - tute
1445-1615 - tute
1645-1815 - tute
1900-2030 - tute


1100-1300 - tute
1400-1800 - work
1900-2030 - tute


1200-1800 - tute (x3)

due to this insane timetabling, i actually make 3/4 of my wk's pay in 3 days.

maybe i shld contemplate not working from mon to thur in order to recuperate.


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