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Friday, July 23, 2004

rach, u do not call pple up just when they have drifted off to sleep to wish them a chirpy 'happy birthday'
yes, im 23 this yr, but it doesnt mean that my bday falls on a 23rd.
so..... ya... thank u.


n today, is so not my day.

-forgot my keys.
-called mom, no reply.
-called dad, no reply.
-climbed over gate.
-cant find spare set of keys.
-called uncle.
-climbed over gate, met uncle, took keys
-net down
-crawled under bro's table to fix cable
-got entangled in wires.
- got electroculated (u wish)



Thursday, July 22, 2004

tuition teacher : (n) fixer of sticky correction tape, jammed mechanical pencils, leaky pens n young broken hearts.


i hate my hair.

but i look uglier in a cap.


Monday, July 19, 2004

a yr has past.
n we all feel old.
theres a certain restlessness in all of us.
that somehow, after we had all split up,
life is simply not the same anymore.
we nitpick more.
we need constant cheering up.
the certain playfulness is gone.
needless to say, the closeness.
(the closeness is of a different kind now, its more of a need, esp those that involved alot of tears.)
come late sept,
we wld all b back.
n i think, its gd, to take time out, n go for another trip.
another beach hol.
a short one though
as we all have various commitments.
but it wld b gd.
n another yr later, they wld all b lawyers.
n i can count on them to bail me out.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

post deleted.
n im NOT a singaporean.


wah biang,
y dont my parents simply get a maid?
(i know, u know, she knows, he knows, it knows, they know, we know, we can well afford one)
she can cook, clean, wash etc
n take a huge load off my mother' mind.
(n ill have less naggings too.)
benefits of getting one def outweighs the costs.
well, as always, ive enjoyed Q n A sessions.
the same goes for last night's
i love the irony n stupidity of human beings.
Q: the cast is made up of 13? 14? 15? years old, so how were u able to relate to the older female characters in the play?
a silent flo disses:  H-E-L-L-O? then what about those actresses who played male characters? were they able to relate to them? or wat abt an aged male character? *gasp.
Q: what have u girls learnt from this experience?
A: ....... alot of insightful things. like, for eg, as the curator i had a line 'hands up, all those who r closer to ur maids than ur mother' that statement was so true that for me, it was like 'ouch'.

a silent flo disses: if it had been that 'ouch' for u, then, y, immediately, after delivering ur lines, u spun on ur heels, n strided off stage? where was the pause? the connection with the audience? the waiting for them to register the impact of what uve said? their feedback? oh boy, as if the audience really cared. none of them raised their hands up anyway.
okok, im far too anal.
but really.
*turns mind off.

ok, this is it.
next wk, ill buy my digicam.
n with a digicam, ill need a more stable com to upload/store my images onto,
so ill buy an imac.
n coz an imac wld go hand in hand with an ipod,
ill throw that in.
n since an ipod can b seamlessly intergrated with a bmw,
i shall get that too.
now, how does that sound?
seriously, i shld stop surfing the web for electronics.


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