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Friday, July 09, 2004

once again, im searching for people with a certain something.

i now need to interview people who had changed their mobile service providers in the last 6 mths. so, kindly help me ask around. (b4 nic wrings my neck n i cease to be.)


Sunday, July 04, 2004

saw this on #LL main,
' any b or a ablove 23yrs old>'
n i cldnt control myself, its been so long.
some pple r simply asking for it, i swear.


puck_u> whats with u and 23?
angelical> u dun look frenly
puck_u> *smiles.
puck_u> im not known to be friendly.
puck_u> i bite.
angelical> can see dat
angelical> but yet u smile
puck_u> well, a smile can mean so many things.
angelical> ya
angelical> a hidden knife
puck_u> nodsnods
puck_u> esp one that is sharp
puck_u> no, actually, blunt ones r more fun.
angelical> u muz b young
puck_u> can stab n stab n stab till it finally pierces
puck_u> well, how old are u?
angelical> 23
puck_u> y dont u like talking to people who r younger?
angelical> u hafnt answer me
angelical> how old r u?
puck_u> well,
puck_u> im 23.
angelical> sori to say this
angelical> u soudn a bit childish
angelical> u onli cm online when ur mood sucks huh?
puck_u> shrugs.
puck_u> something like that.
puck_u> when i dont have much to do or trying to kill time.
angelical> expected
puck_u> most people are like that.
angelical> r u workin?
puck_u> giving tuition.
angelical> same here
angelical> so u muz haf sm love for kids
puck_u> *nods.
angelical> its weird dat ur midn is a bit twisted
puck_u> i love kids. esp the naughty ones.
angelical> minds
puck_u> who says that my mind is twisted?
angelical> puck_u> can stab n stab n stab till it finally pierces
angelical> doesnt dat sound twisted?
puck_u> oh.
puck_u> eer..... ya.
puck_u> but kids can b twisted too.
puck_u> check out their cartoons.
(trying to defend myself)
angelical> sm of them r
angelical> so teachers shld try to correct them
(i dont agree with her on this pt, but i was too lazy to argue w her. dont like anal teachers who cant relax abit when they r with kids. no wonder kids tend to lose their imagination when they grow up for fear of being corrected by 'well meaning' teachers.)
puck_u> but my parents dont consider it a proper job.
puck_u> no career advancements
angelical> true
angelical> it snto a proper job
angelical> u dun learn much
puck_u> well, u learn how to explain things in a clearer fashion
angelical> tutors r not exposed to the society enuff
angelical> i mean abt human r/s
angelical> tend to interact wif students onli
angelical> n cnt accept others' views
(given up wanting to explain to her what we can learn from the kids, if only we tried.)
angelical> im doin sm sales related part tiem job.
angelical> i like meetin new ppl
puck_u> MLM ar?
angelical> so sales is gd for me
puck_u> oh, i dont really like meeting people, not very sociable.
angelical> clever
puck_u> which company?
angelical> im not sociable too
angelical> so i join MLM
angelical> to force myself to open up
angelical> i haf to
angelical> its sth worth learnin
angelical> sth which cnt b learnt frm books
angelical> as long as u haf a goal
angelical> its gd
puck_u> hahahaha. im lazy.
puck_u> *rots.
angelical> well........
angelical> one day der wil b a moltivation der
puck_u> like?
angelical> im lazy too
puck_u> then wat motivates u?
angelical> but i haf a challenge now
angelical> to b mre successful than my partner
puck_u> oh.
puck_u> n how do u measure success?
angelical> i sell mre things than her
(after seeing her narrow minded view on the measurement of success, ive decided to shut my mouth on what i define as 'successful'. )
angelical> n in rtn, i learnt to open up
puck_u> both doing mlm?
angelical> im too conservative n thinks too much
angelical> doin MLM will open me up
angelical> yap!
puck_u> she roped u into mlm?
angelical> nope
angelical> i wanted to go der myself
angelical> coz i noe i can learn sth that i cnt learn thru teachin
(wats w her constant hammering on learning, learning and learning? im so sick n tired of it. it seems like shes trying to convince herself. as if she wasnt sure abt going for MLM in the first place.)
angelical> i gtg
puck_u> ....
puck_u> ok then, have a gd night.
angelical> chat wif u sm other time
puck_u> nods.
angelical> it has been sm time since i met sm1 dat i cn click in irc
(click? click? more like i let her ramble on n on n on.)
angelical> nitez
puck_u> *smiles


oh well, shes quite a character.
i wont mind chatting with her once more.




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