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Saturday, July 03, 2004

my dad's car is 10 yrs old
so he's thinking of scraping it n getting a new one.

he was looking for a downgrade
so i told him to get a toyota camry
(its still comparable to a merc -- roomy n comfy.)
but no,
he wants a nissan.
a 1.6l one.


(i hate downgrades.)

n nissan is too LC for me.
(ive an image to upkeep)

Tuesday, June 29, 2004


it was india all over again.
the torchlights n the candles.

now, i shall wait for the water cuts.
(as long as im not in the midst of soaping myself.)

for those who have not seen me for the longest time, this is the colour/length of my hair.

Monday, June 28, 2004

'if u can c, then y do u persist in being blind?'

my food for thought.

in that case, im no diff from them. y give me the gift of sight, wo giving me the determination?

that night, i cried for my(fuckingselfish)self.


i didnt manage to serve the local community, to the bestest i cld. i thot i had so much to give. in the end, i was wrong. the trip did alot more for me than i did for them.

either i have a seriously low EQ, or i need to work harder on my people to people skills.


Sunday, June 27, 2004

finally, singapore.
it's been a long flight.
from india back to spore, we had 2 transits -- (sri lanka for a night's stopover n another 1 hr stopover at KL.)

*sigh of relief.

back, safe n sound.
n i think i look better -- tanned and slimmer with clear complexion. (aftereffects of working in the sun, lousy fd with constant diarrhoea n daily cold showers.)


very bodoh,
left my bag, containing my passport n cam, at changi airport.


n its time to pull tog, consolidate my thots.
the trip didnt turn out the way i expected it to b.
but, ive gained in other areas.


next expedition -- china.


cow is so big now,
twice her initial size.
(not as cute n fast as b4)


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