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Saturday, June 19, 2004

oh, give my 'hua' back to me.

i can dance across the ceiling.

i can walk up walls.

im bored. im bored.

sri lanka killed india for me.

n now, india's killing me.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

'u didnt apply enough oil on ur hair, did u?'
'no? i dont use hair oil.'
'then y isnt it black?'

-the locals' reactions to my hair.


using the left hand for anything is a taboo here.
when i use my left hand to write on the blackboard, the teachers were tsk-ing at me n wanted me to try writing w my right. &#@&$%


tom, i shall pack my lunch to sch n eat it in front of them.
with my left hand of course.


in fact, im the only one, out of the whole team, who actually eats with both hands.

im that greedy.

i miss sri lanka.

wld someone pls take me away from this godforsaken place?
(neng has exhausted herself by coming up w 94342356778 excuses for leaving. she has now fallen ill -- viral infection.)

the next 2 wks r gonna b a waste of my time.


(at least ive managed to finish 'rich dad, poor dad' during my free time. so... all's not lost.)


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