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Wednesday, June 02, 2004


this is flighty flo checking in from a teardrop land -- sri lanka.

n like the spoilt brat i am in spore, neng n i got ourselves a personal driver cum tour guide. though its the monsoon season over here, it didnt affect us as much as i thot it wld as we spend most of our time sheltered in an AC van.

today is their public hol
its not vesak but (i forgot wat's it called)
every full moon is impt to the pple here.
n this particular full moon is one of their most impt festivals.
boys can b seen waving the 5 coloured buddhist flag, offering locals free drinks n fd.
n last night, i caught a small town parade, made up of mostly pri sch kids.
its diff compared to our chinggay as its not as organised.
but, i felt there was a certain sense of closeness in the community not experienced in spore.

(sorry for the highly disjointed thots. but i guess, that wld do for now. not sure when wld i get to use the net again. money's running out fast though things r relatively cheaper here. maybe i shldnt have gone for the full body massage.)


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