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Saturday, May 29, 2004

'pa, r u free today? can u help me change money?'
'how much do u want?'
'xxx indian rupees, xxx sri lanka rupees, n xxx us dollars.'
'sri lanka? u r going sri lanka?'
'this tues. for a wk.'
'b4 ur expedition?'

so, thats how my parents found out i was going to sri lanka.

never had i so much cash in a white envelope b4.
(2nd sentence censored. serve u right for not reading my blog regularly.)


SIF gave 24k.
we fundraised 7k
we came up w another 9k for accomodation/fd/etc

thats a mindboggling 40k.
all given to our leaders.

w much money comes great responsibility.
some leaders had absconded w it all b4.


Wednesday, May 26, 2004

chance encounter w my mom at the bank this morn turned into a prolonged lunch appt.
managed to get all my toiletries except for pimple cream
n bcoz i refused to wear paper undies,
i came back with 12 new lycra undies.
(if i pack 30 such undies w me, i dont need to do laundry! luckily i have no qualm w wearing the same shirt n berms for 30 days.)

-stuffs 30 undies, 1 shirt n 1 pair of shorts into backpack.

*satisfied grin.

n bcoz i lent my fave backpack to my fave bro,
i have to borrow the not-my-fave backpack from the not-my-fave bro.

Monday, May 24, 2004

flight details -- for my personal referencing.

1st june.

flight no: UL316

740am -- 1105am.

from spore to colombo (sri lanka)

8th june

flight no: UL 161

0835am - 9am

from Colombo to Trivendrum (india)

then We'll take a 2hr coach/bus ride to Kanyakumari

25th june

flight no: UL 162

1005pm - 1130pm

from trivendrum (india) to colombo (sri lanka)

26th june

flight no: UL 312

0705am -- 0230pm.

from colombo to spore.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

i woke up this morn n out of habit, picked up 'lifestory'.
noted that it was 23rd may n realised that it was my bro's bday.
since the past 945698 yrs, his bday never held any sig importance to me, i didnt even bother sending him a sms.
went abt my day as usual till my dad sent me a msg telling me that it was alvin's 21st bday n that i shld send him a sms.
n not only that, i dont even have alvin's no.
double oops.

i make an excellent sister.


i have clumsily severed the cable linking the modem to my lappy n my dad refused to fix it for me.
so for now, ive been banished to the first floor.
(its the only unused cable left)
luckily i was able to link my lappy up to the internet if not, ive to use the sick jaundiced comp.


i cant use the net in the comfort of my own room.
no more air con.
no more tv.
no more hi fi.
just pesky mosquitoes accompanying me as i type thruout the night.


n part of the cultural exchange w india, i have to learn )(*&^%$# chi dance. wtf, of all things, come on man, do i look like a dancer? do i do i do i? (we even have that pink feathery fan.)
but who knoes, i might find my true calling.


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