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Friday, April 30, 2004

'y r u so late? how long did u play w penquin for?'
'cow has not eaten for the whole day.'
'after u had cow, u dont want lauhu anymore. uve been neglecting her.'

ya, all our cats r named after animals.
out of the 3, penquin is the closest to its namesake.

when sitting upright, penguin exposes his white belly.
(besides his white paws, he is totally black.)
w his ears cocked upright, he sure looks like a penguin

penguin wears a bowtie ard his neck too.
just like those distinguished penguins in tux.


btw, cow is darn cute.
we brought her to the vet on wed (but it was closed)
after much deliberation, we decided to let cow onto the grass n walked away.
she stared n stared. n stared.
till we were quite a distance away, i called out for cow
n she bounded over. immediately.

we decided to walk back from bishan park
as we were walking across a big field,
we let cow follow us.
when we walked, she walked.
when we ran, BWARHAHAHAHA.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

jo bought me a pri 6 assessment bk.
no, it was not meant to b an insult to my mastery of the eng lang.

but.... (struggles with self)
oh well.....
just check out the questions b4 u pass ur judgement.

1) it was during the _______ of the economic crisis that i saw father depressed for the first time.

a) depth
b) zenith
c) apex
d) nadir

2) i have never met anyone as _______ as lynn who can make frenz w just abt anyone!

a) glib
b) conversational
c) forthcoming
d) garrulous

3) leonard was the only one who was bold enough to openly object n ______ the decision of the judge.

a) contradict
b) reprimand
c) impugn
d) affirm

4) jenny has always had a/an __________ for the arts; i am not surprised that she has won the Young Artist Award.

a) tendency
b) susceptibility
c) penchent
d) appetite

then what about words like 'aficionado','harangue','epicurean','misnomer' or even 'impugn' which r found in the bk?

i dont have the slightest idea wat these words mean.
how can i even explain to another?
needless to say, a 12 yr old kiddo.

*drowns in www.dictionary.com

(turn my blog upside down if u want to know the ans to the above 4 qns)

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

the cooler

bernie lootz is the unluckiest man in las vegas. he's so unlucky, its contagious. looking to knock out their highest rollers, one of the last mob-run casinos in town, the shangri-la hotel n casino downtown decides to use bernie as a 'cooler' to defuse their lucky streaks.

but then... who cld guess
that ms flo lin cld b more of a loser than bernie?
she popped in disc 2 n was happily watching it for 15 mins b4 she realised she had put in the wrong disc.


a wk b4 the south india expedition starts,
neng n i opted for a stopover at sri lanka (for a cheap rate of s20 each)
we originally planned to cycle our way thru
but after reading up on lonely planet,
'bicycles range from barely adequate to appalling'
'road conditions range from poor to atrocious.'
'scenery is wonderfully spectacular'

we have drawn up a rough itinerary.

day 1 -- polonaruwa (ancient city)
i think theres something romantic in checking out ruins n imagining all it cld have been.

day 2 -- dambulla (series of 5 caves w buddhist relics/drawings)
for the longest reclining buddha in asia, all 15m long n the 8765254 frescos adorning the cave walls.

day 3 -- haputale (small town)
to pluck ourselves a cup of tea, high above the mountains.
n to walk 10km thru horton plains to c 'world's end' where the cliffs face a steep 700m drop.

day 4 -- sinharaja nature reserve
virgin rainforest, home to birds n small mammals.

we r skipping the white sandy beaches n the cutesy ele orphanages. *mutter.

the only setback is that we r going during the monsoon season.
'may - aug records the highest rainfalls. '

*splish splash

Sunday, April 25, 2004

im in love w pedro the lion.

*tumbles ard w paws in the air, pretending to b a lion cub.

*tosses my mane of hair ard.

a home is not a home w/o a pet.

i msged jo, 'if i had a kitty n i ran away from home, wld u take me in?'
she replied, 'even if u had a dino, i wld take u in.'

n that night itself, a black kitty came up to us while we were playing badminton.
she clung close to our legs, though jo was a bit screamish
(she endured the kitty rubbing herself all over her legs n later used the excuse 'i want to buy hungry kitty some milk n fd' to get away from her.)

she had white hind paws (macam wearing socks), my fave kind.
she had a long tail, w/o any kinks, my fave kind.
she is female, not my fave kind. (i wanted a male cat. i love their big heads, more surface area for me to sayang.)

took her back home.
n daddy wasnt v pleased.
he hates all moving furry small animals. (i secretly think that he's afraid of them.)
even though she was cuddled up w mr snake n not moving an inch
he threatened to throw kitty away when im away at tuition.

the next morn, kitty was missing.
but that's another story.
n im too tired tonight.

btw, kitty is called cow.


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