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Saturday, April 17, 2004

every once in awhile, i have a particular blog which i love to read.

(i love extremes, the blogs i prefer r either amazingly brillant or amazingly laughable.)

well, this one is ... amazingly dull.


the 3 latest posts

Drumming my fingers on the arm of the chair (dull, April 12)
I was sitting down on one of the chairs in my house. My hand was resting on the arm of the chair. I started to drum my fingers on the arm, thereby making a barely audible sound.

Turning off a light (dull, March 17)
A light in one of the rooms of my house was on. I decided that I didn't need the light on any longer. I pressed the light switch thereby turning off the light.

Thinking about putting on some music (dull, February 22)
I was in a room carrying out some routine activities. I began to consider playing some music on the stereo system. I looked at some compact discs for a while, but didn't put one on.

Friday, April 16, 2004

caught the opening film for spore film fest.

Cut by royston tan (director of the infamous 15) was a disappointment. Cut has been touted as ' a snazzy, satirical and incisive mini-musical in which a cinephile has a chance encounter in a supermarket with a film censor and explodes into a passionate monologue/diatribe detailing all the films that were unceremoniously cut by the censor board.' the short lived up to the above words. but royston had neglected the fact that his audience attended plays n that a certain percentage wld have caught a local annual spoof called chestnuts which was produced, directed n acted by one of his 2 main leads -- jonathan lim. i hate to watch recycled materials. besides the diff in medium used, Cut n Chestnuts r one n the same.

on the other hand, the main feature, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring by Kim Ki-Duk was simply perfection.

sorry if ure dissatisfied w my extremely short review of Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring
but coming from me, i think thats high praise enough.


just in case, i shall add on to my review of Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring.

1) stunning scenary
2) highly symbolic under its surface of deceiving simplicity.
3) universal theme, life, that transends all religion/race.
4) poignant r/s betwn old n young monk, n w everything (animals n elements) surrounding their small temple.
5) circular effect of karma, linking the whole film tog.
6) beautiful beautiful beautiful. calm.
7) wonderfully paced.
8) attempts to put things into perspective.


the only thing that spoilt my enjoyment of the film was the ridiculous Q n A that followed. my beloved countrymen were asking the most laughable qns. ie: 'why did the woman who was giving her child away to the monk covering her face w a scarf?' or 'how did the old monk cross the lake?' or 'is this a religious film as there r constant images of buddha?' wtf??????? if they had paid attention to the film at all, they wld have realised that the ans r there, in plain sight, for all to c. (okok, granted that there were only 50 lines shared amongst 7 actors. n granted that sporeans r not gd at watching silent films n deducing. n granted that most sporeans tend to take things at a v literal level. grrr) to make matters worse, Kim Ki-Duk was korean so we had a highly incompetent interpreter. zzzzzzzzz. many a times, Kim Ki-Duk wld give excellent ans but to the wrong qns.


n ill like to thank Kim Ki-Duk for he taught me too much. in just 2 hrs.

the night is perfect.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

took the 1130am bus to office
n oh boy was i packed, tinned n fried like sardines.

*sniff sniff
(i smell like one too.)


my uncle, the banana thief.

he planted 3 banana trees along the road, outside my neighbour's house.
each time they bore fruit, he wasnt offered any.
so 2 nights b4, he took adv of the darkness
chopped off the bananas n cycled off.

the neighbours better not seek revenge n cut mine off.
for ive promised the first bunch to jo.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

its a bad idea for shower foams to b lemon scented.
i felt as if i was doing the dishes. again.

smell association, that's wat it does to u.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

cramps shld b banned. or at least, made 'extinct'.
my annual cramps hit me today.
it was a kind of a under the belt punch that left me doubled over, breaking out in sweat naturally.

had to leave darling dex's house 15 mins earlier, rushed home, sat on top of the toilet bowl, flopped over the wash basin n moaned abt my poor existence,
made myself go back to bed even though i had woken up from a 9 hr zzz 4 hrs b4 that ,only to b promptly woken up by a loud knock 1/2 hr later. pissed n moaned, for a total of 2 hrs, b4 the cramp was over. fantastic.

(someone seemed to enjoy playing nurse today. wat w all the tao huay, hot tea n wet towel.)

all but one of my kids stay along the street behind my house.
(yes im lazy lidat)

breakfast , ill bump into dex's ah kong.
lunch, ill meet chong yauw.
on my way home, i'll meet tiff n her ah ma as they r waiting for the sch bus.

as if seeing them twice a wk aint enough.

Monday, April 12, 2004

1 wk, 14 hrs, 9 bruises, 5 blisters, one sore chi bai cheebye (thanx shup) later,

i can finally cycle!
for 3m.

note: m = metre, not mile.


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