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Thursday, August 21, 2003

ese sentimento calido (ah bu den) -- budak pantai

i wld swim the deepest ocean
i wld cross the widest sea
i wld climb the highest mt.
just to have u here w me

i wld fly across the milky way
to bring a ring of saturn 4 u.
girl, for u theres not a bit
of things that i wldnt do

my love for u is like a flower
it blooms w each new day
n if u asked if i am serious
this is wat ... i have to say

ah bu den
u think im only joking?
wat? u dont believe wat i saying meh?
ah bu den
u think i wont do wat im telling ya?

the truth is im so fond of u
i am as siow as i can b
so baby, listen to wat im saying
start loving me

i wld wrestle w a lion
n pull a tooth out just for u
i wld sleep w a hundred gorillas
n pluck their armpit hairs too

i wld french kiss poisonous snakes
i wld swallow a thousand swords
id do watever it takes
id bungee jump wo the cord

u c, im just so crazy abt u
n i dont know the reason y
id do all kinds of stupid things
id even watch ... budak pantai!

(u got to hear it, reading it is not as hilarious. pity)

if ink stains r an indicator of how working one is,
then im obviously the most hardworking in the office.

however, several have told me that its not an accurate test.

*thust left hand into ur face
'take a look at my blue hands?'

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

*eraser warfare*

yest was dex's bday.
he's been telling me abt it since 2 wks ago.
told me that he wanted those flag erasers as bday present.

so on his bday,
he waited impatiently till the end of the lesson b4 bugging me for his gift.
i pulled the present out from my bag w a flourish
-- an eng ass bk.

the price of the ass bk -- $6.10
the price on his face -- priceless.

there he stood, in front of me,
big watery eyes, frantically blinking back his tears.

i decided to tease him a little further n proceeded to inform him of his latest homewk.
he stood there, staring blankly at the notebk, not registering wat i said.

till at last,
i rummaged thru my bag n gave him his beloved 10 erasers.

sigh, the love that came from his eyes.
he won my heart.

note: erasers r an intergral part of our tuition. everytime he commits a careless mistake, i will confiscate an eraser from him, returning it only when he gets it rite.


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