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Friday, August 15, 2003

i swear, my uncle's ex-wife (divorce still pending) is a sucky liar.

she claims

1) that it takes 2 n a half hrs to travel from yishun to serangoon via public transport. (wtf?????????????? her watch must be horribly wrong or she dont know how to read the time. *throws pri 2 maths textbk at her. *flips to the chp on 'telling time'. even dextor can tell the time n hes only 8.)

2) that it costs s24 bucks to take a cab from yishun to serangoon.
(even w the midnite surcharge its practically impossible lor. im convinced that she asked the taxi driver for additional sexual favours hence the extra charge. boy does the driver come cheap.)

3) that the baby is sick for the past 1 mth as she had been teething. (wat? my cousin is retarded in growth? shes close to 2 yrs old n she had only just started teething? win. babies generally start teething betwn 6 to 9 mths old lor. according to my sec 1 home econ textbk.)


n you,
i swear, ure stalking me.
spore aint that small for me to have met u twice in a fortnight.


Thursday, August 14, 2003

there was a sense of deja vu when shey brought me to her hometown, banting, a small town 2 hrs drive from KL.
banting. bandung. banting. bandung. banting. bandung.

we took a rickety bus from klang.
the 1 hr ride was ....quite an experience.

first off, we had to fight off the huge crowd n squeeze our sweaty way onto the bus. i was glad i had only brought a bag along. we were lucky enough to get seats though they were back row seats. but then again, that made it more fun when the bus bumped its way along the uneven road. my cheapo rollercoaster ride. grin. straining to peer thru the grimy windows, i could vaguely make out the attap houses. kampong. my mind drifted off, wondering which house resembled hers. wondered if her house was totally made of wood. wondered if they were on stilts. wondered if there were kids happily running around. all i knew was that there was no telephone line in her house. n then a yellow 'bus sekolah' zoomed past n broke my reverie. 'SESAME STR SCHOOL BUS!' i hollered to shey. ha. from then on, i always kept my eye out for the quirky yellow bus. *grin. im so amused by it. i still am. they come in 2 sizes. small n large. 'sekolah sekolah sekolah'

once we had reached banting, shey took her car n drove me ard. first stop, her pri sch. it used to b a methodist sch. reminded me of a certain convent sch where a mother was a teacher n her only daughter being lead in hand by the older students. when shey grew up, she had to commute to KL as her small town didnt have a gd school. i imagined in my head, a little ger of 12, leaving her hometown n mother tearfully behind, in pursuit for a better future. the fear, the guilt, the pain.

shey introduced me to her frenz. frenz that she had known since she was 6 yrs old. n in my mind's eye, i thot i knew her frenz too. just that, i could not visualise their faces nor remb their names. we had dinner in a seafood restaurant. shey knew i love kangkung n crabs so she automatically ordered them for me. dinner was messy; it was a tough job wrestling with the crabs. there was a certain comforting familiarity amongst us. maybe coz they were easy going? or that they tried to include me in their conversations? or they were able to take my mean wise cracks? if only, i had more time with them.

though shey kept apologising for the lack of activities to do in banting, ive had pleasures in that small town where she was known as the daughter of 'chee song motors'. (her dad sells motorbikes.) she brought me to a fishing village (though we never fished nor crabbed nor ate seafd there), to her father's orchard (though we didnt make it past the metal gates, we didnt climb the trees nor throw the fruits at each other.), to bak kut teh at 630am (though the first 2 we went 2 closed down as the hawkers recently passed away), to her fave mamak stalls where she has supper whenever shes hungry (though we never did stop by as i was suffering from diarrhoea by then n she was on a useless diet.), to the insane hunt of dvds only to realise that the shop she frequents most often do sell them (we bodohs only realised that at 945pm, just when we were abt to leave the shop on the eve of my departure for spore. n we've travelled ard KL n klang just to find those dvds. snore.), driving me to the nearest loo whenever i felt my diarrhoea coming (i suspect im either chilli intolerant or coconut milk intolerant or cockles intolerant or simply shey intolerant.), to the pasar malem that only opens on mon nite with her ah ma (it was the fd at the pasar malem that sparked off my diarrhoea attacks).......... ill go back banting again n hopefully this time, drag fel along.

when shey introed n brought me into her life with such glee, it felt like i was her gf. or did i made it seem as if it was you bringing me around your hometown?

bandung. banting. bandung. banting. bandung. banting.
i think ive seen it all. thru your eyes. so many years ago. or so it seems.

selamat jalan.

for a ger who always whines abt her lack of sufficient funds,
i sure have bought alot of pirated dvds.
i shld have more than 30, if shey manages to lay her hands on my last 8 requests.
too many for me to remb the titles.
will put up the titles once ive received my parcel from shey.
but then again, they mite bore u all to death as they aint commerical hollywood flicks.
didnt dare to bring them thru the customs so i made shey post them to me.

now, i shall waste my nite away by coming up with ingenious explanations of how ive spent my parents money that was meant for developing my scandic travel pics.

so now im stuck with 30 odd dvds n 18 rolls of undeveloped pics. lalalala.

n the bestest thing of all?

can someone remind me to buy a dvd player?


im back.
did anyone miss me?

anyway, ill like to get some kind of voting going on.
those in favour of me going thailand for a wk late aug/early sept pls say 'aye' in my comment box. n those who r against, simply shaddup.


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