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Thursday, July 31, 2003

my parents know im les.
though they didnt kick up a big fuss, it doesnt signify acceptance.
their solution to my 'problem' is via 'avoidance'.
in my mom's words 'if u cant find a suitable boy, then dont see gers in that manner.'

so now, im forbidden to bring gers home n neither am i allowed to stay over at their places.

but things dont seem that bad.
at least they get it thru their heads that im not merely going thru a phrase.

im sure, given time, i will find a way ard this.

one small step at a time flo, one small step.

thanx helen.
that was the best bday gift i had.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

theres a knot ard my little pinky.

but i kind of forgot y is it there.
i know its supposed to act as a reminder.
but a reminder for wat?

*unties knot.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

how can u love someone when u dont know how to make her happy?
when u dont know wat makes her tick?
when u dont know how her heart feels?
when u dont know how to coax her to eat?
when u dont know wat does she like?

dont say i never really knew her coz i know all the answers.

y do i even have to teach u wat to do?

and for you,

w. and w. and w again.
another w.
n w once more.

theres a reason y u chose that name for me.


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