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Friday, July 18, 2003

my aunt was nice enough to make namecards for me.
i happily accepted her offer only to find out that i was forbidden to put any mention of theatre n photography.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

3 yrs.
n ive got nothing to show.
seem to have let my parents down.
they could have put their money into some other more worthwhile investment

i hate expections.
coz i know i can never live up to them.
when would my mom ever learn that i would never b the woman she wants me to be?

i really dont want to go back to spore.
thats when i got to face reality.
thats when i got to grow up.

just want to run away.
i think i shld.
for now, shall conc on earning enough money.
b4 packing my bag n bicycle
n bike my way ard europe/aust/usa.
anywhere. anyplace.
as long as im out of spore.

*cluck cluck cluck*

im round n brown.

finger licking gd.
anyone wanna try?
a fat flo birdie?


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