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Saturday, June 28, 2003

I rock

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

can somebody tell me how to pack my luggage?
wat do i throw n wat do i keep?
do i bring back something that is small, light, useful but unimportant to me
or something that's big, bulky but means the world to me?
n wat if that something small n light can fit within the palms of my hands
while the big n bulky one cant?
(i need an extra seat on the airplane if any of u r wondering abt it's size.)
sentimentality vs practicality.
n this is just dealing with my physical possessions,
wait till i start on my emotional baggage.

okokokok. its JUST packing.
aint that big a deal rite?
yup, i shall start cracking.

man, i hate packing n the fact that im never coming back doesnt improve the situation.

(a part of me still dont want to leave. *sulks)

n no, no one is allowed to ask me to buy anything back from england for them.
no time. no money. NO SPACE!

oooo, look at all the negativity in the air.....

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

nono, im not dead.
its just that after my trip to greece, everything else feels too mundane for me to blog.
life takes a nosedive now that fel is on a cruise w her sisters.
to mourn the great loss of an essential chef, ive immensed myself into millions of dvds which celebrate death n violence.

however, things shld get more interesting after thur.

wed: london
thur: manchester for bon jovi concert
fri: pack luggage
sat: back to london to pick parents up
sun: bicester for major shopping spree. courtesy of parents if i can convince them to part with their hard earned money so i can parade ard spore in my flashy branded clothes. (3 yrs havent changed the fact that im a spoilt brat.)
mon: gorgeous lake district. never been there as i needed someone to drive me. guess whos the driver this time ard? *wraps arms ard daddykins*
tues: convocation. (me in a gown. *winks* )
wed: final packing up
thur: 10 day trip ard the scandavian countries.

14th july, back to london.
from then..... not very sure.
dad is in charge of booking me a flight home.
if he hates my pressence during the last 2 wks, i guess, he wont want me home.
so all of u out there who r dying for me to get my fat ass back to spore,
or better yet, buy me a first class tix on SIA.
*advance thanx to whoever that ger is*


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