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Wednesday, May 28, 2003

after 2 wks of intensive studying at 'down to earth',
these r our results.

flo -- 782
shey -- 746
fel-- 642

no, thats not the no. of sticks we fagged
n neither is that our academic score
in fact, its our tai di (big 2 card game) results
n no, im not the winner
its actually the cumulative score of the remaining cards we have left on hand at the end of each game

snore. im not meant to play cards.
but im glad im done w my undergrad deg.
shall have a buffer of 2 mths hols before coming back to spore to figure out my future.
ecks, the thot of it makes me want to run to boston n come back 1 mth later than proposed

Monday, May 26, 2003

i love reading my notes.
i swear i do.
line after line of them,
brightly coloured.

reading each line
is like peeling off a layer of the jiu chun gao (9 layered kueh)
n savouring it in my mouth.

*satisfied burp*

siling's new dog -- no no
stub n rascal now have found a new play mate.


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