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Saturday, May 24, 2003

there was once a little ger who acted as joan of arc.

actress: ......n i will guide my ships home ....

audience: (bewildered) what SHIP? since when does she have SHIPS?
(pregnant pause)
C: i know!! its SHEEPS. joan of arc is a shepherd!
n the han zhi audience goes: orrrrr


colin ray - not that different.

she said we're much too different
'we r from 2 seperate worlds'
n he admits it, she was partly rite
in his heart, he fancies he told her
wat they had in common
was strong enough to bond them for life.

he said 'look beyond ur own soul
n the person u c
mite just remind u of me
i laugh. i love. i hope. i try.
i hurt. i need. i fear. i cry.
n i know u do the same things too.
so we're really not that different.
me n u'

now she could hardly argue
w his pure n simple logic
but logic could never convince a heart.
she had always dreamt of loving someone more exotic
n he just didnt seem to fit the part
so she searched for greener pastures
but could never forget wat he whispered when she left

'i laugh. i love. i hope. i try
i hurt. i need. i fear. i cry.
n i know u do the same things too.
so we're really not that different.
me n u'

was it time? was it truth?
maybe both lead her back to his door.
n as her tears fell at his feet,
she didnt say 'i love u'
but wat she said means even more

'i laugh. i love. i hope. i try.
i hurt. i need. i fear. i cry.
n i know u do the same things too.
so we're really not that different.
no, we're really not that different.
me n u. '

we tend to go thru life, thinking that no one can understand us. no one knows wat we have gone thru. no one is able to c the world the way we do. n even if someone does their best to break down our barriers, we gently push them away. we strongly believe that we r all alone in the world. that only we can understand ourselves best. even i am guilty of such. always wanted to find someone who is just like me. who shares the same passion as me. who can understand me w/o me opening my mouth. but who r we kidding? no one can go thru exactly the same things we've gone thru. we come from different countries, different family backgrounds, different forms of upbringing, differnent experiences, different kind of joys n pains. even our identical twins would lead a totally differnent life as us. it was only after listening closely to the lyrics of colin ray's song, it hit me.

'r we really that different? afterall, we do feel.'

y complicate matters?
i think i shld fall in love w the image in my mirror.

Friday, May 23, 2003

while fel was doing mask for me,
shey slyly kept my specs
n refused to hand them back.
though it was lying there prominently on the table,
i suffer from such bad shortsightness
that i was only able to locate it
when i washed the mask off prematurely
n put on my extra pair of specs.
for revenge, i threatened to use the yellow highlighter
on shey's white mask
so she would wash hers off earlier than supposed.

Thursday, May 22, 2003

i feel like a bloody pad.
one that has been absorbing for the last few days.
to the brink of overflowing.
i think im the super absorbent kind with wings
to prevent leakage.
im also those with a soft mesh covering
for added comfort.

but then again,
as i sit stoning in the exam hall
surrounded by pple feverishly scribbling in their scripts,
i realise im the cheapo pad.
one that never absorbs but leaks everything out.
i dont want to b a pad.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

damm. think blogger lost my previous 2 posts.
too lazy to retype everything.

Monday, May 19, 2003

the best time to wake up is 4am.
all alone. where all is quiet without.
listening to the birds' chirping, the water trickling
accompanying me as i focus all my attention on my journals.
this is the magical moment where i feel one w the world.
love the feeling of the thot of having the whole day stretched out before me.
i used to b a nite person, staying up till 7am.
but now, ive switched my time.
im a morning person.
as long as i wake up before 6am.
im not a grouch.


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