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Saturday, May 17, 2003

shey has been an illegial immigrant in my house for the past one wk.
at the start, she would walk home for her shower
but as time passes, she got lazier.
now, she showers at our place.
her first time in the shower,
she reached out to grab a shampoo
but her fingers closed on a bottle of clariol conditioner.
that started her hunt for the obscure bottle of shampoo
in the end, she counted 9 different bottles of conditioners.
(aussie brand, clariol (red n orange), tigi.....)

Thursday, May 15, 2003

today's playlist

1) Bic Runga -- Sway
2) Kelvin Kern -- Childhood Remembered
3) 8811967
4) Bowling For Soup -- The Bitch Song
5) Lee Greenwood -- IOU
6) Radiohead -- Creep
7) Shania Twain -- Ka Ching!
8) Robbie Williams -- Mr Bojangles
9) Carpenters -- Solitare
10) Colin Ray -- Not That Different
11) Pink -- Family Portrait
12) Ruth -- Rainy Days
13) Soul Asylum -- Runaway Train
14) DBS ad -- Life Is Beautiful
15) Muse -- Unintended
16) Richard Sanderson -- Reality
17) Cookie Monster -- C Is For Cookie
18) Kermit -- Rainbow Connection
19) Patti Page -- How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?

a grand total of 19 songs accompanying me as i struggle thru my maths.

14 n 3/4

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

to create a study enviroment,
we've converted our living room into a study room
n called it 'down to earth'
dont u think that its a very apt name?

shey: (shouts) flo! come down to earth!
flo: (hollers) WAIT! ( unsteady thumping sounds heard down the stairs) got hell lot of notes to bring down to earth.
fel: (cries) can someone bring me down to earth? i need to study!

'down to earth' is so compact that we have everything within reach.
we eat, relax, play n cook there
all we lack r our beds.


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