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Saturday, May 10, 2003

'fierce meow!'

Thursday, May 08, 2003

dinner with frenz (part 3)
watching : yi(1) hao(4) huang(2) ting(2) series 5. (HK law serial)

CL: that guy always act in the same role one leh. u know, behind the boss back, always bitch abt them but when the boss turns up, suddenly become like a little dog, everything say yes yes yes.

fel: bootlicker ar?

CL: ?????????? BOOBLICKER?

fel: ya! bootlicker!

CL: really booblicker ar? (rolls on floor, laughing)

frenz: fel n flo!
where did u get this maggie mee from?
where did u get this chi herb from?
where did u get this conditioner from?
where where where?


shey: wats NTUC???????? i dont know leh.
(my frenz r from msia)

us: oh, its a spore supermart.

shey: i know lah. but wat does NTUC stand for? New something University Campus?

us: eer........(stumped) NOT THAT U CARE?????


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