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Saturday, May 03, 2003

dinner with frenz (part 2)
conversation topic: traveling ard morocco

fel: hey! morocco is an islamic country. thats gd. we got shey along with us. she can speak malay.
(shey n flo just stare at each other. amused)
fel: ?? what's wrong? dont muslim people speak malay?
shey: (in total seriousness) yes. n the people in catholic countries speak ...
flo: ENGLISH! n the people from the buddhist countries speak....
shey: CHINESE!

in the end, we found out that the people in islamic morocco speak french.

want to know how it feels like to be an ah pek or ah ma?
go for an intensive compeitive 3 hr badminton w/o warming up n cooling down.
its impt to remb to jump/dive/lunge/s-t-r-e-t-c-h for every single shuttlecock.
once u r done with that...
the next morning, climb up 8 flights of stairs.
i will ensure that every single muscle (calves, thighs, back, arms, neck...)
will be groaning in pain n u have to take every single step with care.
next, take a jog up a gentle slope.
u will realise that the pple walking r faster than u.
following that, enter the mess which i proudly call my room.
n b careful of wat u step on as once u lose ur balance,
thats the end of ur fragile bones.
u just want to sit there n dont ever get up, not even when someone helpfully offers to pull u up.
if all these aint enough
throw in a 3500 word essay which u know nothing abt that is due the next day for added pressure.
now...... thats where the stress comes in.
by this time, u would find that ure walking as slowly n cautiously as an ah pek n as lost n confused as him.
i really dont want to live past 35.
ive tasted aching limbs n i certainly dont enjoy that experience.
now, to experience the loss of my 5 senses, loss of memory, loss of speech, loss of muscle control, loss of......
*flops dead*

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

dinner with frenz (part 1)
today's speciality: tea leaves egg.

(during dinner, everyone on the floor, crammed ard the coffee table. uni students r too poor to afford a proper dining table with 6 chairs)

ha: (our resident malay fren, with utmost innocence) sedap, where did u buy the egg from?
(astonished looks on everyone's face)
CL: (tea leaves egg maker) i hatched them n sat on them for 21 days to give it its unique veiny appearance. i even have the veins on my butt as proof.
all: eeeeeeeeeeee. (pulling various faces of disgust)
fel: lucky for us, the eggs were protected by the egg shell.
CL: now, did anyone c the eggshell? (she peeled the eggs before bringing them over)
flo: omg, no wonder, u refused to eat the egg whites just now. (CL stole all the egg yolks from ha)
(CL spends the next 10 mins laughing to herself while we ignored her n carried on eating the stinky sambal mackerel)

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

for the past 8743238 mths,
my fren has kindly supplied me with 62898765 songs.
n tonite, is our biggest 'proj'
a song that will take me at least 2 hrs to dl.
but no sweat. i have all the time in world
*twidles thumb*

Sunday, April 27, 2003

i have this insane obsession with my life line.
it doesnt help when my life line is so short.
spurred on by my jie, i dug up my ruler n measured it.
when i read the measurements off my ruler, it gave me a shock.
3cm???????? thats how much my hair grows in 2 mths!
on consolation, its just a break in my life line.
though the line that carries on after that is barely visible.
i tink, i shld mentally prepare myself for a major setback in health.
its depressing me when i know, its coming soon.

or maybe..... ive read the lines off the wrong palm? can someone pls tell me that i shld b reading my left palm instead?


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