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Saturday, April 26, 2003

due to overwhelming popularity of the kanga pic, ive decided to replace it.

Thursday, April 24, 2003

i think, my housemate n I r very particular abt dental hygiene.
between the 2 of us,
we have 7 toothbrushes n
4 tubes of toothpaste.
all of different brands.

i dont really know y do we have so many toothbrushes.
do we each have 3 1/2 sets of teeth?

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

*claps hands loud n purposefully; twice*

'now class, pls settle down. n take out ur textbk 'Phonetic Alphabets' n let's get started with the day's lessons.'

'pls flip to page 102. the first word that i'm gonna teach u today is 'stub'.'

'the pronunciation key for stub is (stu(a short u. cant seem to type that pronouciation out here)b)'

'now pay close attention as i teach u how to pronouce the word correctly.'

'let's start by partially closing our mouth n let a friction or rustling of breathe out for a prolonged 'S' sound. then we place the tip of our tongue such that it touches or is near the upper ridge of the gums of the upper front teeth n pull our tongue abruptly backwards to let out a 'T', followed by a extra short 'u' sound such that i can't hear it audibly n lastly, we produce a sound by the complete closure of the oral passage and subsequently release with a burst of air with the tongue in the resting position as the grand finale for 'B'.'

'that's quite easy isnt it, class? now let me hear all of u going 'stub'.'


'gd gd. once more so that u will get the hang of it.'


'excellent class. keep up the good work. now, i gtg for my cig break. tata for now. till next wk. remember to keep practicing your 'stub's.'

*walks out with long cig already lit in hand*

Sunday, April 20, 2003

*hides 10 retro-coloured easter eggs in her garden*

happy easter guys.

i will blow a kiss to whoever that finds the eggs.


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