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Saturday, March 29, 2003

i would like to think that i fit that word best. its flattering.
but i know...... myself better.

Friday, March 28, 2003

she aint heavy. she's my sister.

'the road is long
w many a winding turns
that leads us to who knoes where
who knoes when
but im strong.
strong enough, to carry her
she aint heavy, shes my jie.

so on we go,
her welfare is of my concern
no burden she is to bear
we'll get there
for i know
she would not encumber me
she aint heavy, shes my jie.'

fear not jie, someday, we will all pull thru. meanwhile, just hang in there.
i love u.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

while preparing for the bbq at my place,

'shey! where's the salt?
shey! where's the vinegar?
shey! how to defrost the chicken in the microwave?
shey! shey! shey! shey!'

'hey! this is my house! how come ure asking her for everything?'

'coz u dont know where everything is kept. ure useless!'

rite. its not my fault that i dont cook therefore i dont know where everything is kept.
feel so lost w/o my housemate managing the kitchen.
its a big joke amongst her frenz that i cant find my way ard the kitchen

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

plastic surgery

sc 1

wife: darling, why dont we make love anymore?
man: (mumbles something)
wife: darling, what's wrong, pls look at me.
man: (turns n faces her but not looking at her face)
wife: why dont u want to touch me? uve rejected my advances for the past few weeks.
man: (mumbles again)
wife: is something bothering u? uve changed. u were never like this.
man: (getting irritated)
wife: why dont u just tell me what's on ur mind?
man: nothing.
wife: i know something is bothering u. i dont want this to affect our sex life.
man: ive told u b4. but u never did anything about it.
wife: tell me again. i promise u, this time, i will listen.
man: (mumbles more)

sc 2

wife in plastic surgery clinic.
wife in green surgeon dress.
2 doctors standing behind her.
man: begin!
the 2 doctors begin pumping the air pump, pushing air into the balloons that r strategically located on her chest area.
doctors to man: is this enough?
man: no. bigger pls.
2 doctors carry on pumping.
doctors to man: wat abt this?
man: bigger
2 doctors pump harder.
doctors to man: this is the furthest we can go. anymore, it will burst
man: i want bigger. carry on.
doctors pump against their better judgement.
the 2 balloons burst.

lights out.

Sunday, March 23, 2003

i know for ive sinned as i just caused a break up.
(opps. like i really care. the guy's a jerk anyway.)

cases of severe acute respiratory syndrome (Sars) r reported worldwide.
so for those, who care abt their health,
pls spare some time n head for the chi medical stores
to purchase this herb called ban (3) lan (2) gen (1) n drink it daily.
the doctors n nurses in China r doing that.
i presume, if thats wat they r doing as preventive measures,
we should do that too.


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