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Friday, March 21, 2003

there's going to b a rally against the war held in my campus this coming sat

anyone who is willing to participate,
pls buy ur air tix (cheapest is from msia airlines)
n make sure that u reach nottingham uni by 12pm.
all are welcome.

Thursday, March 20, 2003

'the warm winds,
that embrace me,
just as surely kissed your face.

lay down all thots of ur surrender,
its only me who's killing time.
play down all dreams n themes once remembered.
its just the same, this miss u game'.

u're right, its a very sweet song.

yeah these miss u nites, they're the longest.

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

ok. read thru cnn.com.
have come to a conclusion.
we r cancelling our austria trip
as much as i want to go.
n as much as i dont care abt the war.
but i guess,
i shld give my parents a frenz a peace of mind.
i cant b that irresponsible.
sigh. austria.
my Swarovski crystals.

war is most prob going to break out in 48 hrs.
everyone is doing last min preparation.
housemate brought forward her flight.
so that she can reach spore b4 the 48 hrs r up.
parents called me
n told me in an absolute tone that im not allowed to fly anywhere.
esp near the middle east.
hence im not telling them im going to austria from 1st to 8th apr.
i know i may b risking my life.
but i dont care.
i only live once.
just let me fly.
up up n awayyyyyy.

for pics taken over the prev wkend,
go to

enjoy the pics.
york is a truly beautiful city that my pics dont do justice to.

will post up the pics of our charade game another day.

Monday, March 17, 2003

time really flies.
somehow im have this unique ablility to screw up my life in spore
though im stuck in uk.
tried to make amends but things just got worst.
'i. played the fool today.
n i. see us vanishing into the clouds.
longing for home again.
the home, is a feeling ive buried in the air.
im alrite. im alrite.
it only hurts when i breathe.
i cant ask for things to b still again.
n i cant ask for u to waffle the world thru ur eyes. '
lucky for me, 1 mth easter hols is starting this wkend.
shall pack my bags n head off to austria.
shall take pretty shots of the place.
dont know if i can make it for the trip.
have yet to even bk the airtix.


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