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Saturday, February 01, 2003

been shuttling betwn uk n spore so often
that the moment i landed in changi airport,
i dont feel as 'wah' as b4.
it has become another routine.
last time, the blistering heat n sun would make me aware that im back in spore
but due to the rainy days, my brain is still half deceived.
feel kind of surreal being back in spore.
by the time i get used to it,
im back in uk.
anyway, will try my best to meet up with as many pple as possible.
while trying to settle my theatre stuff n get some research done.
so much things to do. so little time.

i know u miss me alot. so did i. hugs.

oh, forgot that i had a dog when i came back on thur.
lucky my jie came my house at 11pm n reminded me.
shes so big now such that when she stands, she reaches my hips
(or am i that short?)

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

finally, packed everything
took pics off the wall,
all thats left is an ugly mess,
hangers all over,
with blue tack still stuck on the walls.
machiam i running away from a war.
i was never known for tidiness.

anyway, waiting for my taxi.
not much time left.
so i just want to holler :

n a happy new yr to all.

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

24 more hours b4 boarding plane

one yr ago, i went to france to meet an irc fren
one yr later, i sat a 3 hr train to meet another irc fren.
n wat better way to bond but shop?
so we met up at a shopping village
splurged to our heart's desire,
using CNY as an excuse.
wished there was more for me to buy.
but for now, im satisfied.
managed to buy a pair of shoes.
(they dont normally stock small sizes)
my first air force one. (yeah)
black with red stitching.
can't wait to offically wear it tomolo. (hooray!)
n thanx for being such a patient shopping companion. (muacks)

countdown: 2 more nites in uk b4 i fly off.

Monday, January 27, 2003

to my bf, 'u make me want to be a better girl.'

note the usage of the word 'girl' here. its not boy, man, active or butch.

'u help me get in touch with my feminine side'

gone with the candy floss.
gone with the dairy milk.
replaced by a simple ribena head.
(my bf says im sweet like the drink.)
just hope my parents wont flip with the new hair colour.
keeping my fingers crossed that they will b in a gd mood due to the festive season.


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