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Thursday, December 12, 2002

housemate's bf's bro n gf came.
the boys lite up a fag
n threw the half lit cig into the rubber bin
smoke started coming out
a weird smell filled the living room
*sniff sniff*
they realised that the bin was burning
*ka phui ka phui*
tried to put off the fire by SPITTING.
it didnt work
so they poured a whole 1L of ribena down into the bin

great work boys.
ingenious ideas.
uve saved my house from burning down.
hope that only females r allowed to be firefighters in my city

the clubhouse

advantages of staying with them
- frenz
- frenz
- frenz

disadvantages of staying with them
- frenz
- frenz
- frenz
- frenz

hmm, seems like the disadv outweighs the adv.
nonetheless, i will go back there again tonite.

Monday, December 09, 2002

the holiday

holidays have started unoffically for me on thur.
as ive handed in all my essays
kind of nothing left to do.
refused to attend the last few lects
went over fren's place on thur nite
n have been staying there eversince
sent the 3 of them off.
one went to london to c her bf.
the other 2 went back to spore.

the house
its rented by the 3 pple who left.
they were nice enough to give us the key
(the house is big enough for at least 10 pple to zzz comfortably)
kind of transformed it into our 'clubhouse'
we have ktv, playstation, cable, vcds n dvds.
pity, no internet n fd. sigh
i even bought a 1500 puzzle.
going back there tonite b4 heading off to bristol tom morn
attempting to complete it within a wk.

the ger
she is called sam.
she shld just b called mother
chased us off to bed at 2am.
(i went to zz at 6am)
woke us up at 2pm
we refused to get up
she turned on the mtv
(we were sleeping in the living room)
told her to cook dinner for 6 pple
in the end, the portions enough for 2
refused to let us fag in the house
(only had less than 10 sticks for the last 3 days)
always forcing us to do chores
wash the dishes
tidy the room
vacuum the floor


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