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Thursday, December 05, 2002

*winkz* im sure all u peeps out there know y i dont need a bf.

Wednesday, December 04, 2002

went to my housemate's room
she took a look at my hair
'it looks kind of white'
i replied, 'i think its white'
she stared harder
'hmm, looks like candy floss'
so i promptly offered her to have a taste of my hair
which she politely refused.
a moment of silence
b4 she laughed n carried on
'funny how i never thot it looked like candy floss when it was pink'

Tuesday, December 03, 2002

disclaimer #1: i am NOT charlotte's gf.
disclaimer #2: i am NOT monica.
disclaimer #3: i am NOT monica's cousin

i know that this whole jill-char-mon thingy has become a big hooha
but i do NOT know how did i get involved in it.
all i know is that COMPLETE strangers r coming up to me
n greeting me with
'are u char's gf?'
or even better still
'u break up with your gf to be with char?'
shows how warped rumours can b.

for all of u, to have a little taste of wat i had:
kayaloti> hi
kayaloti> are you charlotte's gf?
puck_u> *narrows her eyes*
kayaloti> or are you her cousin?
kayaloti> im the spokesperson of CKPS
puck_u> wat is ckps?
kayaloti> Chao KayPoh Society
kayaloti> if you dont mind
kayaloti> lol
kayaloti> :)
puck_u> haha. ok.
kayaloti> i read the blogs lah
kayaloti> so im curious
puck_u> hahahahahaha....
kayaloti> are u cousin or gf?
puck_u> SO KPO
puck_u> bishbishbish
kayaloti> ......
kayaloti> !!!!!!!
kayaloti> how tell me lah
puck_u> shant
puck_u> keep u in suspense
kayaloti> must be
puck_u> y u so kpo? u like char is it?
puck_u> *winkz*
kayaloti> that jill person
kayaloti> please lah
kayaloti> i like char
kayaloti> plurseee
kayaloti> cos
kayaloti> u broke up with ur gf rite?
puck_u> orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
kayaloti> so i wanna know lah
puck_u> wats my blog?
kayaloti> u have a blog right?
puck_u> ya. of coz i have one.
puck_u> n yes. my gf left me
kayaloti> not u leave her?
puck_u> same diff
puck_u> grin.
kayaloti> u tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
kayaloti> u ask me so many questions
kayaloti> then u dont wanna tell me
puck_u> girngirngr.
puck_u> tell u wat?
puck_u> hahahaha....wat if i say im enjoying myself too much?
kayaloti> :)
kayaloti> then u enjoy loh
kayaloti> nmind
kayaloti> i go ask jill
puck_u> she not online
puck_u> hahahah
puck_u> wait long long man.
puck_u> anyway
puck_u> let me tell u something
puck_u> im 21
puck_u> im a
puck_u> im in uk
puck_u> im DEF not char's gf
puck_u> so THERE U GO
kayaloti> oh u 21
kayaloti> issssssssssssssit?
kayaloti> so u not monica lah
kayaloti> :)
puck_u> duh

and after ive said so much..... 5 minutes later.....

kayaloti> EH
kayaloti> ARE U MONICA?!
puck_u> NO
puck_u> IM NOT
puck_u> SLAPS

and another 5 minutes goes by, b4 she asks me the same qn AGAIN.

Monday, December 02, 2002

w h i t e is the new black

Sunday, December 01, 2002

*wheeeee* ive decided to go back to spore for cny for 3 wks. heck about my lectures, courseworks and attendance. shall get my daddy to book my ticket tomolo. hope he will agree to it.

missing my laksas n pratas.

funny, very funny.
i think i dont like shopping anymore.
frenz tricked me to go city with them today.
they offered to buy me lunch at my favourite restarant
(sometimes, i hate the pig in me)
led by my tummy, i went
only to realise, i had to go shopping with them in exchange
grungingly i went n picked out a few outfits for them
apparently they hated all the clothes i chose for them
(guess i have bad fashion sense afterall.
or rather, when a person is sulking all colours look the same. black.)
they took such a long time trying on the clothes
that to spare myself from boredom
i took wat they've discarded n tried it on.
put on a bimbo accent, paraded up n down
flaunting my asset
"hi (in a high pitched airy voice) "
*giggle giggles* (left hand covering mouth)
took a few steps and pretended to trip on my heels *oopsy*
(grabbed some stranger's arm for balance)
batted my lashes sweetly at her
sucked in my breathe
and thrusted out my chest
n carried on with my fairy glide
greeting everyone in view (more sugarly breathless 'hi's)

i was kind of enjoying myself
till some idert suggested that they should all chip in.
b4 i could protest,
*ka ching*
"thank you for shopping at zara. hope u have a pleasant evening"
so, anyone interested in an earthy brown, off-shoulders long sleeved size M top?
picture dcced upon request.


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