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Saturday, November 30, 2002

im a genius............
forgot to ask my parents to send up 6 months rent.
so gonna get a scolding from them this time.
*slaps forehead*
was only thinking of entertainment, fd n bills
when i asked them for money recently.
dont know how to open my mouth again.
wonder where my brain is.

Friday, November 29, 2002

dearest mummy,

thank you. ive checked my bank balance n ive received your money. ive just completed my first essay. dead tired. by the way, just ignore those comments that u have read.they are merely pranksters. my friends are fine and ive not made any enemies. i will send something up for Calvin. take care


Wednesday, November 27, 2002

mummy n daddy,
should u see this,
pls, send up some $$$

i have zero credit in my bank for close to 1 mth.
i need to go out
i need to eat
i need to play
i need to travel
i need to pay bills

everyday, i check my bank statement
hoping that uve sent me the money
but everyday, the screen tells me
'u have 30 pounds, u may withdraw 10 pounds today'

grin. had a special request from my friend.

M: puck:write a play forme?
puck: for u?
puck: depends. wat do u want?
puck: but not in chi. thanx
M: i want the end to say
puck: yes?
puck: that jack is the best?
M: anyone who knows if this person really exist, please tell XXX
M: how's that?
puck: ...........
puck: n wat fantasy woman do u want?
M: it's not a fantasy woman
M: just someone who's been virtual till now.
M: trick is
M: it's so beautiful to leave it unknown u dont really know if u want the reality
M: take it as ":you've got mail"
M: but they never met.
puck: ok.
puck: i think i know how to do it.
M: fantastic.

ok. for M. i will do it. i know what u mean n where u r coming from.
n for u, i will make it a visual feast, the style that u love.
n for the rest of u, pay to watch when i do put it up. bwarhahaha.

btw, i'm looking out for someone who can do animation for me. anyone knows anyone?

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

it's times like this, when i miss my beloved hifi. got it as a gift when i was 16, brought it along with me when i came to uk. but i took it back this june. sigh. listening to music keeps me awake as i browse through my 1000 pages of research. sound quality from my laptop speakers or even the headphones cant compare to what my compact but powerful hifi can deliver. still remember those nights when i would promptly tune in to the local radio at 10pm. they have a very interesting talkshow. the deejay will bring up all kinds of sexual topics. it ranges from what's the best way to obtain an orgasm, the latest sex toys, symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases, to my personal favourite: sizzling sex tip for the night. lines would be open for callers to call in. they would talk frankly about their past expereinces, give opinons, some would even call in the middle of doing it. *winkz*. n just as u expected, there r some callers who go into very explicit details (i shant elaborate here due to the high traffic of young minds reading my blog) and the 'decent' deejay would give a warning n if they should persist, he would rudely cut them off. bwarhaha. there's even a professional sex 'doctor' on air, to give out advice to those who need it. it impresses me how they treat sex here. it aint a taboo. not those that u hush up n pretend that there is no such thing. feel that spore should open up n allow such talkshows. not only is it informative, it acts as a helpline to those who dont know where to turn to. this should be the kind of sex education for the younger generation. i still recall how in secondary school, they would turn to us with a poker face and mechanically tell us within 2 mins how sex is done and then proceed to drone on n on for the next one hour about all the horrible sexually transmitted diseases in their pathetic attempts to put us off sex. n how could i forget the pictures they showed us of those who were unlucky enough to be infected. *urgh*. wonder how many of us sporeans know about sex. hmm..... maybe i should record one of those talkshows so u can appreciate it along with me. haha.

to me, my pic on the blog is like a chersire cat. sometimes its there. sometimes its not. its damm frustrating trying to locate that pic over n over again. just like the cat, it seems so sly with its hide n seek games. n always with that 'i-so-want-to-slap-u' grin on the face. the next time it does its infamous disappearing hat trick again.... *waves white flag*

Sunday, November 24, 2002

thot its time for a change.
wanted to be dumb blondie.
but now.
dumb i sure am
blondie im NOT
dont ask me y.
bleach doesnt work
it came in too small a pack.
only 2cm deep.
as for the blonde dye.
some one told me.
'strawberry blonde, sweet'
i think its time for her to eat her words.
for im now, pink, golden, black n blonde.


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